Will This Device Jailbreak The PS3 Once Again?

A hardware developer has released a picture of a small flash device that they say will run the "new breed of Jailbreak" for the PS3 that is currently being developed.

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Neko_Mega2708d ago

Most likely using could cause FBI to show up at your door in a day or Sony ready to sue you.

Dante1122708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Looks complicated. Don't wanna risk breaking my ps3 by taking it apart and adding chips over other chips to pirate a few games. Wonder how the guy knows what will be inside and taken out of the new PS3s being developed but interesting nonetheless.

Edit: Nvm, just saw that they're gonna try to sell it like those dongles before it went out. Might pass to sell overseas but they might get sued if they sell in the US.

HaHa_Ostrich2708d ago

I agree, it looks too complicated, how many people would be able to do this (if it is true)? I mean the charm of jailbreaking the ps3 was in easy of use USB dongle right?

zag2708d ago

Sony will sue now and take them to the cleaners.

There's a new CEO and a new games boss.

everything that was before is wiped and new rules will used.

Plus the share holders will be wanting a linching on anyone that does or releases this stuff now.

Marcello2708d ago

Yawn here we go again :/

Neko_Mega2708d ago

It wouldn't be hard to put in, well if you know how to do it or have a friend to do it.

Its just the fact you are mostly likely going to get busted by Sony, I mean how long did the other one last?

Plus the people that lost money that they wasted on the old PS3Jailbreak were mad that they couldn't get their money back (How dumb do you got to be??).

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OmegaSlayer2708d ago

Yeah, shouldn't this stuff being considered illegal?

Neko_Mega2708d ago

Well I think it is for PS3 (At least what Sony has made it into). Now cell phones it doesn't seem to be a proble.

Then again I guess their is a limit to what you can make a cell phone do.

Heishiro__Mitsurugi2708d ago

Hackers,pirates. Dont you think its time to get a job already?

plmkoh2708d ago

This is their job, they make this stuff for $2 and sell it on the net for $100.

beavis4play2708d ago

you mean they break into something that isn't theirs and sell the stolen product for a profit.......that makes them thieves - and that isn't a job - it's a crime.

thief2708d ago

I am sick of this. Just want to play games (and pay for them, you can get great games for £10-20 now for the PS3 if you are not rich), all this jailbreak, otherOS, hacking rubbish is getting on my nerves. The PS3 is a solid console that was doing great till 2010 and then these idiots turned up to spoil it for us.

OmegaSlayer2708d ago

Yeah, that's called being brat.
The need to play a game day one is a luxury, since often you can buy the same game new at half of the price in 4-6 months.

femshep2708d ago

prolly its not like the ps3 was never unhackable before sony just never made any grand announcement about it, just like the YLOD still very common but will they say anything nope

seriously if it were not for personal information broken into during the outrage Sony wouldn't have said a work about it and passed it off as there mistake

but then again everything is jail breakable these days it seems almost like if you don't have a jail broken something or other your not "cool"

Rynx2708d ago

you're VERY opinionated for someone who treads lightly on borderline trolling.

femshep2708d ago

nah i just say it like it is, ive seen my ps3 and my friends yellow light and go through 5 systems

my xbox's have never red ringed (just upgraded hence why i made it pural) and my friends did once cause they thought they could keep it on for a day straight

trenso12707d ago

5 ps3 bs i have two one is the model from when the ps3 first came out. xbox get the rrod all the time my uncles got one only a year after he got it. my old ass ps3 just got the ylod from over heating after nearly 6 years! plus who the hell has that much money to go through 5 ps3's? spoiled much? or too dumb to fix it your self?

Holeran2708d ago

Gone through 5 systems? Quit trying to use them at the bottom of a pool and you won't go through any PS3 systems. I have 2 PS3 systems a 40 gig that is almost 5 years old and a 160 gig slim that is going on 1.5 years, neither have had so much as a single hiccup. 5 Systems? I call bull.hit.

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