THQ: next-gen will be more crowded

EuroGamer - Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony won't have the next generation of console hardware all to themselves, reckons THQ boss Brian Farrell.

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frankymv2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Will be interesting to see what Apple will do. Rumor has it they are working on an integrated tv of some sort.

Anyway, next gen is practically here. With all the competition, MS and Sony will launch sooner rather than later.


MrSpace2473d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

Will Apple know how to run things in the games industry with a console. I can see them having a console which will be over priced, kind of like the PS3 when that first came out and then after two/three years they'll announce a new version...just like they do with the iPhone/iPad

EDIT: I'm not really comparing, I'm just speculating since that's what Apple are like and the fact they have never done a console before. <sheesh>

frankymv2472d ago

How can you compare a console cycle with iphone/ipad cycles? They are two totally different segments and I am sure apple understands this. Thats not to say apple will go head to head with sony/ms. I see apple more as a nintendo competitor.

ABizzel12472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

MrSpace is right. Apple does this with almost all their products, iPhone, iPad, Macbooks, and if they could they would do it with the Tower.

I like their products, but they're overpriced and remolded with better features every year to the point where I find myself never really wanting to buy them. I don't want to buy something I no is going to be getting an upgrade the same time next year.

slapedurmomsace2472d ago

I will eat my hat before I buy an Apple gaming console, period. Their hardware is horribly unreliable (you think the 360 was bad) and they'd bring a "new generation" every year or 2. Let Nintendo stick to the casuals, they have it down pat, though the Ipad and Iphone are ok quick gaming solutions, it's not like they develop these games, so please, stay out.

dark-hollow2472d ago

oh god please not apple.
"and hear we announce the IPLAY. gaming done right"
with controllers that are capacitive touch screens and it will cost you just 999$. magic!


Fcck Apple...Who ever takes the IPAD or IPHONE as a gaimng handheld seriously has a problem and needs a brain opreation.

TheDivine2472d ago

Wow u have a problem man. What the f is up with all you that think ur superior and ur only a gamer if u play x y or z? I thought a gamer was somebody who loves games so much they play anything good reguardless of platfom. The ipad has some sick azz games and fyi half the games you dont consider games are ports from psp and ds lol. So its not a real game on ipad but it is on psn? You need to compare iphone games to handheld games, they are just as good in graphics and gameplay. If apple made a console it would prob be darn good imo, they have tons of casual stuff thats popular and they could create some awesome franchises. They wouldnt do it unless they were ready to face off with ms and sony, it wouldnt be just 1 dollar apps n a tv.

RememberThe3572472d ago


Well you thought wrong. Your not a gamer unless you have a 360, PS3, or a pimped out PC. And don't even get me started on a "hardcore gamer".


DeadlyFire2472d ago

Google and Apple?

Sega, Atari next ? I think a combo deal between one or two of these guys with Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft is more likely. Google + Sony, Apple + Nintendo, and Microsoft + Microsoft. Right?

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Merivigian2473d ago

For next gen, I would like to see the Windows 8/Xbox Live rumor to be true. Then Microsoft slowly move the Xbox console into a PC state. If Windows 8 can play 360 games, who's to say that their next gen just won't be software that you install to your computer. I would like to see Microsoft merge it's PC and Xbox gaming.

MrSpace2472d ago

"will focus on new ways for developers and publishers to interact with gamers"

Can't we just get back to being simple where it's about gamers and amazing games instead of worrying about online, graphics and especialy interacting with people.

Give me a better console, more games and a standard controler and we'll be good to go.

dark-hollow2472d ago

yeah! let just not innovate and advance!
who need high tech graphics while you can make it simple.
who need online gaming and all those bullshit?? right?

SpaceSquirrel2472d ago

This gen is already too crowded

dark-hollow2472d ago

sega make it happen please :(

AWBrawler2472d ago

wish away, but it won't happen sadly. SEGA imploded and is still making up for it.

Moment of silence for my favorite console makers........................ .........

ABizzel12472d ago

I enjoyed Sega's consoles, but they don't have enough franchises to support their own console. Their best selling game this gen was Mario and Sonic at the Olympics.....

I think Sega needs to focus more on getting all their developers on the same level as Platinum games. Those guys rock, the rest of Sega not so much. And stop making all those movie games, and bring out a real Golden Axe, Panzer Dragoon, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, etc...

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