Why From Dust can revive the god game

EuroGamer - It's fair to say that the god game has fallen to earth somewhat since its early-'90s heyday, when the likes of Populous and SimEarth held heavenly sway over the PC charts.

Publishers haven't offered gamers the opportunity to play the divine puppet master since Peter Molyneux's Black & White 2 arrived to muted response back in 2005.

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rabidpancakeburglar2478d ago

Must say I'm interested but I'll wait to see in depth gameplay before deciding if it's worth a buy.

Convas2478d ago

Check out Ubisoft's From Dust Dev Diaries on Youtube. I was 'kind sorta' too till I saw those. Now I'm sold. Gameplay looks awesome!

rabidpancakeburglar2478d ago

Thanks, I just checked them out there. It looks great and I love the idea of fighting off natural disasters. I'll definitely get it.

newn4gguy2478d ago

Please be good!

Even if Lionhead makes Black & White won't be the same. A lot of their team left to form Media Molecule...which may have something to do with all of their talent suddenly disappearing after the first Fable.

StanLee2478d ago

Not really. The problem is, they're making uninspired stuff. They're depending too much on their cash cow. Fable 3 was such a step backwards. Some of the changes they made were so unnecessary and witless.

newn4gguy2478d ago

As a human...I recognize patterns.

Before those people left: Good.
After those people left: Bad.