SecuROM Causes Issues In Hellgate: London

One of the writers at Aeropause installed his brand new copy of Hellgate: London, only to be greeted by the SecuROM message telling him of an Original Disc error. Once again, copy protection hurts the legal user and not the pirate.

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Charlie26884056d ago

I have NO idea why do they even bother putting this anti piracy measures on games that at the end ONLY cause trouble to the owners of the legit copy

For example Bioshock and now Hellgate even with their SUPER protection were cracked very shorty after release

And the ONLY ones that get all the S-IT are the legit owners...for example I lost 2 F-CKING activations for Bioshock since uninstalling it didn't removed it and the revoke tool didn't even worked

gamesR4fun4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

play the rip...
of course you might not get to use the online still for a single player game the rip is so much better. No disk needed and all spyware removed.

I avoid new games like the plague especially on the pc until they've been tested true. Crap like this is why. 50-60 bucks for a game and they think Ill pay when they jam up my machine with crapware.

ddldave4055d ago

don't blame them for putting a piracy protection thing in there. don't blame them for accidently ruining the game for you by putting it in there. instead blame the pirates, blame the people who downloads illegally, which makes the game company have to put the piracy protection in there to reduce the amount of people downloading it.

like i said again, don't blame other people for what others has done. it's like beating up your ex's new BF because your ex is the one that cheated on you. don't do it, beat your ex instead because she's the one that done it, why blame another person for a person's action?

Lotto4055d ago

I blame the company they cant stop pirates. Games are leaked, cracked on the first day its out etc. In the end it does more damage to the legal user. I for one didnt buy bioshock but I downloaded it because of securom would hurt me

gamesR4fun4055d ago

Well I say blame them all but pirates or no lots of us like to buy games we could just dl but we know buying them is the right thing. Same goes double for most of the 'pirates' I've heard of.
Companies have an interest in protecting their property in order to increase their profit sure. Which is why I wholeheartedly support copy protection. But not to the extent that it interferes with my ability to use the product. Or the installation of spy ware or anything that affects my privacy or the control of my pc.
Has for the pirates they will only exist has long has they can keep beating the existing copyrights. Besides in my mind the largest part of the appeal of a riped game is the fact its easier to set up and play not to mentioned stripped of potentially harmful crapware.

Leord4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

If all games are cracked even before release, so anyone who know how to, and want to can get a game cracked instead of buying (or like many I know, buy the game if its good, play the cracked, I se NO moral problems with that). Right. Step two is that the people that DESPITE THIS buys the game, might want to use it freely. It would be WELL in their rights to do a backup, so their damn kids don't wreck it, or to play it without a CD.

Now, people get pissed because the "game makers" put a lot of usless crap, and malware on their pc's, they can't use the stuff the way they want, and they start to look for options. Viola! Another pirate is born. I blame it all on the manufacturers. If they can't trust their product enough to sell, perhaps they should be in another line of business. Make games for the gamers, not warez advertisment!

There IS NO WAY to copyright "well enough" to make it impossible to crack, without TOTALLY taking all your personal rights away. The ONLY way is to make boiled broccoli tastier than chocolate cake!