SE: Porting Final Fantasy XI To The PS3 Would Be “Difficult”

If you’re still embarking on a journey through Vana’diel then you’re likely doing so on the PS2, PC or Xbox 360. Word is that Square Enix may be interested in giving players a new piece of hardware to play their nine year old MMORPG on, the PlayStation Vita.

But while those plans haven’t been finalized you may wonder why Square Enix isn’t considering bringing the game over to Sony’s other console.

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DragonKnight2713d ago

If you have a launch PS3 you can already play this. If not, it's a 9 year old MMO.

bwazy2713d ago

Still better than 3/4ths of the ones out there.

Reibooi2713d ago

The problem with playing it like that on a Launch PS3 is that it looks like the PS2 version which was by far the worst looking version(360 looked a bit better but was and still is a buggy mess so PC is really the way to go as you can jack up the settings and make the game look pretty good even by today's standards)

The issue with them porting the game to the PS3 is they would want to take advantage of it's power which would take time to do and in addition if they were to do that they would likely need to drop the support of the PS2 version(which I don't think is a big issue as most of those players probably already have a PS3 or can easily get one)

Doing this would allow the game alot more room to grow. There are plenty of really cool and interesting things they have mentioned wanting to do with FFXI but upon looking into them found the PS2 limitations are holding them back from doing alot of it(for example they wanted to add alot more zones then they currently have but the load on the PS2 is getting to the point that it's not exactly easy to add new ones which is why they have past versions of the same zones it saves on resources while at the same time allowing plenty of new content)

Too_many_games2713d ago

Apparently making a good game is difficult too Square

KwietStorm2713d ago

Yea, except you can remove apparently.

Fullmetalevolust2713d ago

Yah let's focus on a 9 year old game rather than FFXIV that barely has a heartbeat. Then again, I'd probably try to reboot the most successful out of the two...Square doesn't know what to do with itself, it's becoming rather pathetic, and sad to watch.
All trolling aside, does FFXI still have a lot of members? I assume enough for it to carry on through all these yrs.

colonel1792713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

It's like they are trying too hard to troll PS3 fans by delaying as much as possible FFvXIII, and instead focusing in other games just to keep us waiting. They know it would be the SECOND (first as exclusive) game this generation for PS3 and still they don't care; and they said they didn't want to support just one console too much this generation.

Just like Sony made a lot of mistakes this gen and cost them a lot of fans and a lot of effort to recover their reputiation one by one, Square Enix will have to do miracles next gen to recover fans that they lost this gen. This company went from way over the top to miles under the ground.

Legion2713d ago

'"...Porting it [FFXI] to the PS3 and making use of the advantages that that hardware offers would also be difficult.” Final Fantasy XI producer Hiromichi Tanaka told Famitsu.'

So he is saying that it would be hard to use anything that the adavantages of the hardware on the PS3 offer. Is that meaning he is just not willing to give PS3 players a port without any major updates using the hardware specifics. Or that he can't use the hardware within the parameters of the game to offer anything new?

Obviously this is an old game and to make an MMO specifically for the PS3 on an old title doesn't seem cost effective. The Xbox version was crossplatform with PC gamers and I am pretty sure the PS2 players were all grouped in the same MMO? (am I wrong in that assumption?) is it difficult for them to get the PS3 into the mix or is it just that they can't do it and upgrade the look of it to meet some form of standards?

I would think that FFXI should just live in our old library and next generation of FF should be focused on when dealing with MMO gameing. As the world of FFXI has got to be getting small in population and interest regardless of its appeal.

ChozenWoan2713d ago

I'm a big FF/Squaresoft fan... yet I have yet to purchase a single game released by them this gen. The last SE game I purchased was FF12 for the PS2, and it only got finish on my PS3 because I had just gotten the system and wanted to test out the BC.

My cousin got FF13 and he brought it over. Him, a friend, and myself where falling asleep while I was playing it for a few hours... I repeat, we where falling asleep on a FF game!?!?!

FFv13 better be good and well worth the wait, otherwise, SE will be dead to me.

zeal0us2713d ago

sadly xi is the only good/decent mmo they can make

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