PS4, Xbox 720 will be 'service orientated', more accessible - THQ

THQ boss Brian Farrell might not be sure if there will be any more new consoles in the future, but if there are he believes they will be less centred on raw power and more focused on accessible services and user interfaces.

Speaking at GamesBeat 2011, Farrell also believes Google and Apple will have a presence next to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

"We believe Apple is going to be there, Google is going to be there," he said. "Our view is that the next generation of consoles, if there are consoles, are going to be less about technology and more about service orientation of the gamer."

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VampiricDragon2706d ago

I believe that thq will continue to be the garbage company it is today

Seee thq I can make dumb predictions too

Kee2706d ago

THQ used to be a great quality company back in ps2 era. Now they just have the odd good game.

Nicaragua2706d ago

Darksiders was pretty good and Dawn of War Series on the PC is my favourite RTS game.

Their UFC games could be better but they arent garbage

CBaoth2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

and two - he's a CEO whose been privy to information from all 3 manufacturers while you're a 2 bubbled Nintendo fanboy on N4G. I wonder who I should take at face value.

And if you can't see that MS aims XBox Live to be a social network (like Facebook but w/ subs) then I should probably end this post. Sony followed suit with PSN and both realize the massive potential revenue for the future. Isn't the Windows 8/Xbox Live integration a step in this direction?

Regarding future consoles, after this next gen, he may BE right. 1080p will be the global standard display resolution for the next 15-20 years. American broadcasting companies are still using 720p signal. DirectTV only upscales the resolution. So the technological barriers are intact for the foreseeable future. Why make more powerful machines when most wont notice the difference?

However PC gaming, which in the last ten years has seen consoles catch up with their big brother, will rapidly distance itself from consoles & 1080p as 1600p becomes the norm.

Google is already in bed in with Sony (PSphone) and I look for that trend to continue given their competitive rivalry with Apple and MS. Sony could really use their online expertise.

And for shits N giggles, I'd love to see Apple do something crazy like buy Sega and announce a new console at E3 2013, iGame. The chaos that would ensue would be hilarious to watch. Hmmn fanboys on suicide watch...tasty.

So yeah what's he's saying is pure conjecture, just like me. But it is plausible. I look forward to the next 2-3 years' announcements.

EDIT: Did I type that or Mastiff? lol

just_sayin2706d ago

I would love for apple to release a console. Then a year later make a new 1 with a new feature. (Ipod,Iphone,Ipad)

limewax2706d ago

Please point out at which time it was that consoles caught up with pc? I mean the fact that it is impossible for it to happen makes me doubt it

CBaoth2706d ago

I didn't literally mean "catch" PCs, I mean the huge discrepancy that existed during the 80s and 90s between PCs vs. consoles has shrank substantially over the last decade. Most PC gamers, i.e. NOT enthusiasts, game @ 1080p. Although few in number, consoles can also display games at 1080p. In the next 10 years we will that disparity grow again and will probably match those aforementioned eras.

MidnytRain2706d ago

THQ will release Metro: Last Light next year. Surely that will be a hit with gamers.

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BeastlyRig2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I bet both will be more intergated with pc's.. SOE makes pc games like Planetside 2 & Microsoft Wants to be a good game maker on pc.. Why not?

Soldierone2706d ago

The point of PlayStation was to compete with PC games in the first place. They have always found a way to separate themselves from the PC market so they have something else to offer.

Xbox was an attempt to win those sales back, but also target that same market to do so. Thus Direct X technology = Xbox.

Both of them "going back" to PC wouldn't make sense. However more cross platform online support would be greatly appreciated.

zinkabassy2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

hopefully not,..

Fuck services, I want games,..

I don't want a data mining, advertising, social system machine, that is designed to sell me shit, like 360 is today,..
Just a gateway box that connects my balls to Microsoft(so they get an update) so they can sell me shit I don't want,..(and usually has shit to do with gaming,.. I swear I got tire commercial on my gold account when I still had that Piece of shit box,..MS got paid twice)
Machine that had probably the worse reliability of any product ever known to man for 5-6 years....
That is not gaming,..

Having games is gaming,.. differentiating it self as a product(first party games, reliability) is console (you need developers first),..

Probably go with Sony and Nintedo,.. because they have games,..
They have developers,.. so they win to gamers by default,..
Between those two, to parents PRICE wins by default,.. But any smart company would rather have core gamers that spend money,.. then selling a bunch of peripherals to casuals,..(yes it is quick profit,..but in the long term it means nothing without a core gamer base)

Would not mind Apple , Sony and Nintedno forcing to circumvent third party publishers in online distribution,.. but since those developers are owned by those publishers,.. It is not going to happen,.. we would have lots of really cheap and fun indie games though,.

Tyre2706d ago

F#$k This Service BS!!!! WE WANT RAW POWER...the evolution of the hardware hasn't stopped neither did the evolution graphics and gameplay/A.I. It is just about to get were we believed it could go (since the nineties) in the next-gen hardware, that is close to cinema FX quality with real A.I. With this interface crap and services ur just Greed talking and phony vaporware like the useless services/apps, what in the hell has that got to do with gaming, KEEP IT SEPERATE!!!!!!!

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