CVG - Metro: Last Light - Perfecting a flawed masterpiece?

CVG - Metro 2033 was a brilliant breath of poisonous air for the crammed the crammed post-apocalyptic shooter genre. It was a horror hybrid: a game about survival, fear and overcoming overwhelmingly tricky odds.

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Quagmire2685d ago

The only flaw I see in Last Light is the addition of MP.
Like Dead Space, Bioshock, Uncharted and Assassin's Creed, games which has perfectly good SP and didnt need MP.

Anyone who buys this game for the MP should really pick up the first. As to whether the MP is good or not, we'll have to see (hoping for some awesome co0op experiences rather than the usual competitive crap).

All in all, i'm hoping they dont gimp the SP in favour for the MP, I want an emotional and atmospheric experience like the first.

superrey192685d ago

the first one was great. It was tough, immersive, and looked beautiful (pc). My only complaint were the controls. I felt they could have been a little tighter and more intuitive.

Spenok2685d ago

Isn't the statement "flawed masterpiece" just a complete oxymoron? Now don't get me wrong here. I understand the point of it, but if its flawed doesn't that make it ineligible to be a masterpiece?

Metro 2033 was a Damn good game. Could have used better controls if you asked me, and some minor polish here and there. As well as better animations now and again. But it deserves a solid 9 in my book.

Guess I'm just arguing semantics with myself here lol.