Battlefield 3 could have $50 million marketing budget - Analyst

Wedbush industry watcher estimates EA's push for Call of Duty competitor, projects 2 million sales for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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Cwalk8162562d ago

I think if it's only that much they can get that back on opening night, if the martketing actually works out. Honestly, I think a title of this magnitude doesn't need as much marketing as other games though.

pixboy2562d ago

I think most people are leaning towards BF3 anyway, simply because they're a little bored of CoD. However, both games look good, and no doubt Activision will bring out the big-bucks to market MW3.

GetoverHere1222562d ago

I know I'm excited to play a military shooter that isn't CoD.

M-Easy2562d ago

Its funny cause that's like $50 million less than M$ spends marketing Halo. Hmm I wonder if they're gonna give out $1000 gift bags to all reviewers also?

theonlylolking2562d ago


M$ the masters of bribery

Calidreth2562d ago

Pachter always makes pretty big claims, though I'm hoping he is right about this one; considering Battlefield 3 is the game I am most looking forward to this year.