Newly designed PlayStation 2 to become available on November 22nd, 2007 in Japan

Tokyo, November 6, 2007 – Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), a division of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) responsible for business operations in Japan, today announced a newly designed PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system (SCPH-90000), which will become available in Japan on November 22nd, 2007 at a recommended retail price of 16,000 yen (including tax). The newly designed PlayStation 2 will come in three color variations of "Charcoal Black", "Ceramic White" and "Satin Silver". Vertical Stand for PlayStation 2 will also become available on November 22nd, 2007 in the same three colors at a recommended retail price of 1,500 yen (including tax).

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TheMART4058d ago

The same colours where the PS3 will be available in, in the end. Also silver in the future. It was seen on the first pictures from the PS3 2 years ago

Prismo_Fillusion4058d ago

That white one is sexy!

Unfortunately if I'm going to drop ~~$100~~ to play PS2 games, I might as well drop $500 for a PS3 and get many more years of new games out of it as well as the BC. Ah well!

joydestroy4058d ago

yup, that was my logical reasoning for getting one.

BlackCountryBob4058d ago

I expected a massive redesign from all the talk of "radical redesign" but its a nice update all the same (though I must admit I was hoping to see a PS2 which had more in common with a CD diskman than a games console), internal power supplys are the way every piece of electronics should be.

At 16000 yen though I can't see it having much much of a price difference in the UK though as they are already only £90 here so its gonna be a price cut of maybe £5 which I can't see having a big difference in sales.

aiphanes4058d ago

This is awesome...i forgot does the wii have an internal power supply? I know the xbox 360 does not...

If sony can bring this over here and sale it at $99....the PS2 will live forever...they are the only ones who can support 3 consoles...PS2, PSP, PS3...

Darkiewonder4058d ago

I need a ps2 because someone doesn't know how to get DDR and GH1 and 2 to work properly with the ps3 lawlz.

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