2K defends XCOM's first-person shooter reboot

2K Game's decision to transform the classic turn-based strategy series XCOM into a first person shooter understandably left fans wondering what the studio was smoking when it sat down to plan the 2012 reboot.

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lazertroy2624d ago

The game looks amazing to me.

EVILDEAD3602624d ago

People were skeptical of Fallout 3 when it was in development but alas history was made. Hopefully we have the same kind of success story for Xcom


VampiricDragon2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

fallout was still an rpg at the end of the day.

This game is a shooter with nothing to do with xcom and slapped the name on a game of a different genre

This isnt xcom in ANY way

Neckbear2624d ago

"but alas history was made"

You ARE aware Fallout 3 is considered by many as "Babby's first Fallout", "Worst Fallout ever" and "New Vegas is better, at least it is a REAL Fallout game", right?

Critical and economical success proved nothing but the first nickname right- most people who love Fallout 3 haven't even played other games in the franchise. It screwed with lore, presented some stupid setting, and changed Fallout from a Post Nuclear Role Playing Game that explored social recovery in a nuclear fallout with some intriguing, dark humor and brilliantly written dialogues, as well as incredible role-playing to "Press VATS to win" and "Storyline? Wuzzat? HAVE MORE BLAND SETTINGS!" and my favorite- "A LONE Wanderer with companions. Durr".

I really can't believe you're bringing up Fallout 3 as an example, you're just proving the naysayers' point further.

MAJ0R2624d ago

this isn't just a reboot, it's an entirely different game with the name XCOM

Baka-akaB2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

seriously fallout 3 is a poor example when it's not making the unanimity among fallout fans to begin with , and would be actually an argument against Xcom new version .

So what if fallout 3 sold ? No one is disputing that Xcom will probably sell way better as a fps , just that it is a cheap tactic and might not be worthy of the ip .

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dragonyght2624d ago

they doing a pretty good job.

Garethvk2624d ago

What I saw at E3 was great but I did worry about micro management in combat. We have a full write up on it here.

dark-hollow2624d ago

well... look at fallout 3.

Gamerfans2624d ago

definitely keeping an eye out for this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.