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Shadows of the Damned is a dream team of two of the biggest Japanese game creators. Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami team up to create a vision of hell unlike any other game out there. It’s unapologetically juvenile and has more personality than most other games. With an extremely unique take on hell, as well as familiar gameplay, Shadows of the Damned is probably the surprise hit of the summer.

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trainsinrdr2687d ago

8.6/10!?! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!
This games has s.h.i.t. written all over it e.g. crappy voice acting, cheesy dialog, lame as shit aiming system, shotgun has no spatter at all and the whole hell setting is lame as shit.
Do Not Buy This Game.

Venox20082686d ago

no way mate, no way :) game is GReAT!

kza2686d ago

LOL WTF too your comment!! this game is great 9/10 easy..

Kurylo3d2685d ago

i cant really say anything about this game, but i either beleive u or beleive like 10 reviews all ranking this above an 8.. most at around 9

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