MSXbox Catherine hands on preview

Msxbox-world takes a closer look at the forthcoming Catherine from Atlus.

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Ramas2681d ago

I am crazy ofcourse, but i ordered this game on ps3 deluxe edition from USA to Lithuania (europe) price with delivery 80 euro. And my income is 300euro per month. dunno, what i am gonna eat :D but that is a cost for beeing passionate about gaming and Living in poor country.

CrescentFang2681d ago

Good luck man, I'm too afraid of importing stuff (from the US) because it might out of hand...

Ramas2681d ago

i usually buy from ebay and i pay with paypal i am protected, if the game not arrives or comes damaged, but so far everything is good. Though in most cases i dont buy from usa becouse to buy from UK is better and delivery is faster. It only for those times like Catherine, which will not be available in europe. And same was with demon souls, when it was released, only later it came to europe.

Why o why2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

sh!t... Is that why ive not seen in in any of the uk games stores... wtf. Seems like im gunna have to import too. Any news on a european release date anybody please states it as 26/7/2011..Are they misinformed

Ramas2681d ago

So far it will only be released in usa and japan ofcourse, no plans for europe, maybe next year if usa sales will be very good.