Top 5 Xbox Games We'd Like to See Sequels for on the Xbox 360

PlanetXbox360: "While the original Xbox is often referred to as the Halo 2 machine, there were a number of other fantastic games that graced the big black system. Among the myriad of solid Xbox titles, a handful have yet to see proper sequels. Please join us as we count down PlanetXbox360's top five original Xbox titles that merit a sequel on the 360."

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Yi-Long2441d ago

... Rallisport Challenge 2!? Only the best rally-game EVER...!?!? THAT game needs a sequel!

lazertroy2441d ago

shouldn't this list be exclusives?

Godmars2902441d ago

Should this list be asking for Xbox exclusive sequels when some of them weren't you mean.

Christopher2441d ago

Nah. Most games I'd want to see a sequel to, on both the PS3 and 360, would be third-party titles.

Why o why2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Not that word is upsets a few like the ex wife thats now married to millionaire;)

If none of the games were exclusive then the list could of been sequels this gen or whatever but i see crimson skies. Great game from what i hear. Only game that comes close on the xbox is that snoopy game.

gamingdroid2441d ago

Not on the list, not an exclusive, not a sequel (technically) and never released, but I want StarCraft: Ghost!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.