Battlefield 3 To Use PunkBuster, DICE Still Undecided Over commo-rose

SegmentNext - "Punkbuster is officially confirmed for Battlefield 3, with addition of commo-rose still not final. MOH owners will get the beta. Details on weapons recoil, customizations, in-game VOIP and much more.

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the_hitman30002562d ago

i hate punkbuster why is ea putting that in the game seriously that is like the worse thing ever for games always kicks you out for no reason

Pandamobile2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Because there isn't anything else they can use. Punkbuster worked okay in BFBC2. The only times I got kicked were when my Punkbuster client was out of date. An auto-update feature for PB in BF3 would be much appreciated.

KeiserSosay47882562d ago

Agreed, all of the issues that plagued PB during the BF2 days pretty much became non-existent, for the most part, in bc2.

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awi59512562d ago

Ok now i know they are lying about mod support now punkbuster is useless. God now i dont want to buy this game.

MidnytRain2562d ago

/Typical Mentality Of A PC Gamer


PRHB HYBRiiD2562d ago

Sorry for being a noob but wtf is punkbuster??

RedDead2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

ANTI PIRATE/cheating system basically. That kicked alot of people for no reason. Load of bollocks in BF

Commo rose please

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Raf1k12562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

In BF2 and 2142 you could press Q and it would bring up a set of options so you could relay enemy positions, ask for medic and ammo. That's the commo-rose feature that we want back in BF3.

edit: here's an image

anticooper2562d ago

dont know:-( slik mig i stjernen, og kald mig bente

BlackKnight2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

In BFBC2, you need to press Q while directly looking at a medic to shout the command, same thing when you need ammo and need to aim at an assault, same thing for aiming at a vehicle and asking for a ride.

The commo-rose (from BF2/2142 and HOPEFULLY in BF3) lets you call out commands with needing to look at someone. Useful because sometimes you aim at people and it doesnt work....or they are not near you.....or they are behind a wall or bush or tree....or you dont want to look away and try to find where the hell you NEED to aim to find someone.

Also you can issue simple things like "thank you". This really helps show you appreciate the team play since you are pressing q and then choosing thank you. There are many commands that can be done, like spot a general area and saying you just saw a tank there, even if the tank is out of sight.

evrfighter2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

god I miss the "enemy boat spotted!" spam in karkand

I hope to god and his mother that they get rid of the spotting system. I wouldn't mind so much if spotting someone meant I showed up on the mini map...but it seriously hampers my ability to destroy squads when one of them spams Q before he dies and its pretty much an easy wall hack for the rest of em.

MidnytRain2562d ago

I know differently. I press "SELECT" on my DS3, and my avatar says, "Hey, I need ammo!" to an Assualt across the map.

On the mini map, icons will show classes (Medic, Assualt, Engineer) flashing. If you are a Medic and someone is hurt, a cross will flash above his head, so you know to help him. It is similar if you are another class.

If the class you need cannot see that you need him, he may be too far away to help you anyway.

The system is good.

Ducky2562d ago

I could sworn I read 'BF3 to use punkbuster, DICE still undecided over common-sense'

Oh well, not like they have much of a choice. It's either PB or VAC, and VAC would require it to be a steamworks game.
PB is decent... it adds a bit more latency and gets fussy over little details, but it does the job most of the time.

PhantomT14122562d ago

Aw cr*p, I'll have to buy a new sound card or a USB headset I guess. I'm one of the unlucky chaps with a realtek sound chipset having compability issues with punkbuster, causing crashes in multiplayer...

Gran Touring2562d ago

I don't see how the comm.-rose would hurt. They could kinda just combine it with BC2's "quick-spotting." Like if you just tap Q (default on PC) then you spot the target. But if you hold it, you bring up the communications options.

BlackKnight2562d ago

That would be a hell of an idea actually!

CaptCalvin2562d ago

Lemme tell you why: it, along with many other things that were in BF2, will be too complicated for today's kids who grew up on COD. Sad reality.

Ducky2562d ago

Isn't that how it worked in BF2?

When you pressed 'Q', the default command was 'Spotted', so tapping it would spot an enemy.

It could be refined (maybe use two different keys?) but the essence is there.

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