What We Want to See in inFamous 3

Before you go on, let me warn you that this post will be full of spoilers of inFamous 2. Discussed below will include important pieces of information, including the two endings of the game.

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MrSpace2443d ago

If there is an inFAMOUS 3 then it will continue from the Good Karma ending like most games do.

firemassacre2443d ago

bring the thunder sucker punch

Ares842443d ago

What I want to see is a proper city with skyscrapers mountains...a big big big city. Not a shithole that was New Marais.

NewZealander2443d ago

i agree new marais seemed small and was pretty boring, my main problem with infamous 2 is it added nothing new, the same kicking up walls to climb and clunky controls, i really thought they would have refined the climbing mechanics.

don't get me wrong the game was ok, but the first game was excellent for the time, the sequel just cashed in i what they did right at the time and added nothing new, also the whole devil and angel on your shoulder could have been done so much better.

Eyeco2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

i agree i've noticed allot of ps3 exclusive sequels tend to suffer from the same thing , they change a few things and add almost nothing new that pushes the franchise ,so what your left is with the same game you played two years ago but with a few tweaks. i've seen this with god of war 3, LBP 2, Killzone 3 , infamous 2, and sadly i see the same thing happening with UC3

Simon_Brezhnev2443d ago


Why would they want to dramatically change sequels from the prequels. I guess you want a game like MW3 and BF3 to change to a tps just to change it like the way you want it.

finnhima2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

@Eyeco I disagree completely. Lbp2 infamous 2, and god of war 3 exceeded far more than their predecessors did. There was more to do, plenty of new addditions, and entirely more fun overall.

believe you're mistaking those titles for Crackdown 2, Fable 3, and Halo ODST. Those titles were far more fitting of the blame you're talking about.

SoundGamer2443d ago


inFAMOUS 2 could have done great things with co-op. Even if it was just for UGC or something on the side.

iXenon2443d ago

Yeah. Nix and Kuo being at you for most of the later half of the game was wasted without co-op.

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The story is too old to be commented.