UFC Undisputed Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

Posted by Brandon Stander: One of the hardest-hitting game franchises of all time slams into PlayStation Home this Thursday, July 14th. Ahead of the release of UFC Undisputed 3, THQ is bringing you all the bare-knuckle action you can handle with the release of the UFC Octagon public space, complete with training games, trivia, and special rewards. Fighters and fight lovers alike can head over to the PlayStation Home Mall to pick up their very own UFC Undisputed personal space and choose from a wide range of UFC Undisputed virtual items – from posters that commemorate some of the most memorable matches in UFC history (such as Liddell vs. Jackson and Sylvia vs. Arlovski) to fight gear and assorted furniture. True MMA fanatics won’t waste a moment logging into PlayStation Home this week to get fists-on with this hot new content!

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ikkokucrisis2630d ago

Wwhere do I pick up my velasquez:unrivaled t-shirt from?

blumatt2630d ago

Home has a lot of cool spaces now. If you've not been in Home lately, you need to go in there, like now. haha Home has sooo much potential and, the good thing is, all of Home will probably be transferred over to the PS4 and just continued on.