Nintendo Life news: Netflix Arrives on 3DS in North America Tomorrow (3DS)

Those 3DS owners in North America upset about the slight delay to the Nintendo Video application might want to start smiling now: Netflix is coming to 3DS tomorrow.

The free application will allow Netflix members with an unlimited streaming plan to watch TV shows and movies in 2D on their 3DS through the magic of Wi-Fi.

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Just_The_Truth2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Great feature but really not ideal for the 3ds. First the screen is pretty small and your going to have to hold it which can be unenjoyable. The biggest problem of all is that you must use wifi because the lack of 3g so your limited to wifi hotspot like your home in which you could just use your tv. Some phones though can be used as hotspots and you can always buy a hotspot thing from the phone companies though. Great feature none the less.

Shackdaddy8362625d ago

I hope there are 3D movies. That would be awesome.

Just_The_Truth2625d ago

that would be a reason to use the 3ds over a tv unless you have a 3dtv then it's up in the air.