AMD to release HD Radeon 6990M graphics chip

AMD look to keep PC gamers happy with its new graphics card, the HD Radeon 6990M. This will be the last version of the 6990 which is already on the market. It offers more polygon-pounding power than its predecessors, resulting in a high and steady frame rate for high demanding games. It comes with 2GB of GDDR5 graphics memory and 1,120 stream processors, the 6990M sits proudly at the top of AMD’s range of mobile graphics chips. One problem is, its only for laptops.

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Pandamobile2562d ago

I can feel my crotch on fire already.

Ranshak2562d ago

Freaking overpowered for a mobile chip.

Madusha2562d ago

This is surely gonna disrupt Alienware sales even more.

kharma452562d ago

How so? They can use it in their machines too.

Js2Kings2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Sorry to tell you but it will be added to the 18x

thematrix12982562d ago

nice, soon there will be very little difference between mobile and desktop gaming.

consolez_FTW2562d ago

This is good for laptop owners. I think for my desktop rig I need to upgrade my hd 6870 before BF3. Maybe a hd 6950 or I just might Xfire.

kharma452562d ago

Crossfire would probably be your best bang-for-buck option, but AMD might blow us out of the water with the 7000 series.

consolez_FTW2562d ago

Oh, you could be right. Just thinking about a 7000 series makes me excited man. Hopefully it's not too expensive or the 69xx series will drop in price.

ABizzel12562d ago

Of course it's going to be expensive, but like you said the 6900 series will drop.

HydroCopper2561d ago

If you want to go AMD again, I would definately wait for the 7000 series. Brand new 28nm architecture could end up having amazing performance increase over 6000 series.

I wouldn't worry about it being too expensive, the only thing going for AMD is being more affordable than Nvidia, with Nvidia having the better hardware/drivers.

BeOneWithTheGun2561d ago

Call me ignorant but I thought it was near impossible to upgrade stuff in a laptop. Many people I talk to say it's so compact that unless you have serious skills you will mess up your laptop?

My ASUS laptop was taken and I am saving up for another rig and if this is true that you can upgrade laptops I will get one of those instead.

zeddy2562d ago

why havent they made laptop graphics upgradable yet? you buy one laptop and your stuck with it. you can upgrade the processor and ram sure but most people get excited for graphics cards. there would be a whole new market for laptops and you wont feel silly when they bring out and more powerfull laptop the week after you just splashed out on one yourself.

Pandamobile2562d ago

Because they're not graphics cards, they're GPUs which are built into the motherboards, and not exactly easy to swap out.

OpenGL2562d ago

That's not entirely true, high end laptop manufacturers like Alienware often use the MXM standard which is basically like a mini-PCIe card without a heatsink.

Still, many of your cheaper laptop makers still attach the GPU directly to the motherboard.

Pandamobile2562d ago

Oh right, forgot about that.

OpenGL2561d ago

@ limewax
I'm not entirely sure about Asus, but I wouldn't be too surprised if their 17" laptops that come with GPUs like the Geforce 460M and Radeon 5870M used MXM.

The problem with upgrading is that taking apart a laptop is often a lot more work than a desktop and if you're going to replace a card you need to make sure the replacement has the exact same or lower TDP.

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PS360PCROCKS2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

"While laptops are not renowned for being the best for gaming, it looks like AMD are trying to kick start a trend to get laptops into the gaming scene, making people more aware that laptops can be just as good for gaming as desktops"

I guess I just don't get it, or why anyone would want this. This thing couldn't go more than an hour unplugged with that kind of power. It would get hot as hell, and be a dust magnet for sure. Your stuck with a small screen (unless hooked to a TV) but than what's the point of the laptop? It's not upgradeable and probably runs you 3x the price. You could build a bad ass PC and buy a simple laptop for the price you're going to pay for one of these.

OpenGL2562d ago

15-17" isn't that small when it's sitting less than 2 feet in front of your face, and in my experience some users like having an all in one machine that they can take with them while also having the ability to connect to a monitor or HDTV.

BeOneWithTheGun2561d ago

When I had my ASUS I was so addicted to Mass Effect 2 that I would play it in my living room on my TV, then take it into my bedroom and lay in bed and play. When the girlfriend wanted me over for the night, she would surf online a lot, I could lay in her bed and keep playing. Pretty sweet.

xruiner892562d ago

My dad got offered an alienware laptop from dell as his upgrade with 6990 in last week, but won't be delivered for a few weeks so guess it's out soon.

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