Projected Nov. & Dec. Hardware Sales Part 2 (Japan/Others/World)

VG Chartz projects November and December hardware sales for Japan, Europe, and worldwide.

For American hardware sale projections, see Part 1.

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PimpHandHappy3976d ago

i want to comment on this but it shouldnt get aproved.

Since when is a prediction news?



Husso3976d ago

A few of their fanboys are probably approving this wii fanboy BS.

trust thsoe numbers as much as you would numbers form teamxbox or PSU.

Prismo_Fillusion3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

There are only about 2 wii fanboys who actively post on N4G (as opposed to about 30 from each other console). Additionally, those of you who know The Round Peg knows that he's definitely not one of those two.

Regarding the actual predictions, seems like BS to me. They could end up being completely true, but there's no way to predict that now. Let's wait until January and then see the REAL numbers...

whateva3976d ago

vgchartz jumps into their time machine every week and go into the future and bring us back the numbers.

lilwingman3976d ago

I know where I wanna work when I'm older.

nix3976d ago


i want that time machine too so that i can go to the future and buy MGS4, FF series, 8 days and play right now! q:

PopEmUp3976d ago

If you look at the figure in this charted it kind of freak me out, cause why on earth that x-box 360 sale is so bad it like the prediction that the ps3 take over the x-box 360 in term of sale worldwide and that every 360 sold is every 2 wii sold that is scary

mesh13976d ago

a japanish dude publishing his thought of futre sales does any 1 really care ? we all know he has a mustache growing out of his arse if he believes that.

ravinash3975d ago

for painting that wonderful image in my head.

ItsDubC3975d ago

I find it hilarious that the GBA is still stealing a percentage of the market from the other consoles, enough that it is included in these projections for Nov-Dec.