Alice: Madness Returns PC Review - Ironhammers

Ironhammers writes: Alice: Madness Returns is no Disney fairytale. Forget the Alice of a beautiful, magical wonderland with no real dangers and ditch the notions of an innocent little girl exploring the creations of her imagination. This Alice is a girl who is lost and tormented in both her reality and imagination, who is frantically trying to keep hold of herself while both realms of consciousness are fighting against her.

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SarahFox2445d ago

the real alice in wonderland wasn't a disney fairytale, it was already dark and twisted. I like your review i just get mad when i see people compare darker alice stories to disney, that wasn't how the original was, you can't compare it to a remake, compare it to the original. I'll stop ranting now. I did like your review though...

TinaLauro2441d ago

Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for your comment!

I wrote that review, and agree with you. The reason why I made the Disney comparison is because that's how most people view Alice. People don't generally realise that Alice was not a sweet little girl with a vivid imagination because Disney is excellent at making the darkest stories glittery and fluffy. This becomes the common depiction, unfortunately, over the original. Just look at The Little Mermaid as well - let's just say, it wasn't legs she was after! :D