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Don't be afraid of change. Even though The Witcher may scare off some people with inventive combat that replaces comfortable old rapid-fire clicking with rhythmic sword swinging, there is no need to avoid one of the deepest, most adult role-playing games to hit the PC in years. Polish developer CD Projekt has crafted one of those landmark games that moves the goalposts for everybody, a truly grown-up take on swords and sorcery that breaks just about every fantasy tradition in the book. Once you experience a grimy medieval world so realistic that you can practically smell it, quests that reject simplistic good and evil for ambiguous "decisions and consequences," and, yes, newfangled battle mechanics that add welcome twists to left-click scrapping, you'll find it awfully hard to go back to the usual D&D rip-off.

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Charlie26884056d ago

I am pretty sure I am picking this one up now :D

Gorgon4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Best RPG since Planescape: Torment and Knight of the Old Republic.

Fans of Oblivion, Neverwinter Nights and Dungeon Siege should get this one to see what what an interesting setting and storyline is for a change. Oh, and no D&D/D20 crap system in this one either.

I just hope the Bioware dev team behind Dragon Age learns something from this game and avoids another crappy Baldurs Gate/Oblivion clone with only better graphics and presentation to show. Unfortunately so far I'm unimpressed with the direction DA is going.

The Witcher is definetly going to be a cult classic right up there on the same level as Torment and KOTOR.

rgun4055d ago

Totally agree with Gorgon. This game is in my Top 3 for the entire year - which is really good considering the amount of top quality games that have been released.