Seriously, we need to be making a bigger deal of this

The fact that we're not making a bigger deal of this screenshot is, quite frankly, disgusting.

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Christopher2626d ago

Meh. Saints Row is the mindless mayhem of open world games, IMHO. I really don't care what my character is allowed to look like when I'm running around, pointlessly killing people with weapons and not truly involved in a worthwhile story or world.

RememberThe3572626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

I agree with you, kind of. Most of the time I don't like mindless action, but there are games like the first Mercenaries that had me hooked. So if Saints Row 3 can capture me like that I'll probably have a field day. But from what I've seen it just looks like it will get old fast.

Christopher2626d ago

***But from what I've seen it just looks like it will get old fast.***

That's typically my experience with these type of games, unfortunately.

HaHa_Ostrich2626d ago

First Mercenaries was also not utterly ridiculous :)

slapedurmomsace2626d ago

agreed with Bender, where's the uproar on mercenaries 2? that game had A+++ potential and that went right out the window. Lets just get a complete re-make of Vice City for PS3/360 so I can forget about Saints Row or Street of whatever of GTA 4 til the next generation

JohnnyMann4202626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

I do not agree with you guys. Saint's Row 2 wasn't perfect but it was damn good. Why can't someone like GTA and SR? SR2 had some great co-op for their main game and the story was just fun. Over the top? Sure! There is nothing wrong with a good old sandbox game that makes you feel like a king.

It also has some great customization and other things that make this game what it is....uhh like robberies...

I understand the hate and a lot of it is GTA Fanboy-isms. Well I am a GTA Fanboy and I tell you I like both!

MaxXAttaxX2626d ago

Except that if I'm going to cause mayhem and play an unrealistic open world game, I'd rather do it with a game that realizes this and doesn't take itself so seriously.

GTAIV was dull realism. Standard weapons and no character customization.
Idk, I thought SR2 was more fun. Less scripted. Didn't like being called every 5 minutes.

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LycanSoldier2626d ago

I, for one, enjoy mindless mayhem with a customizable character. I shall be too busy annihilating enemy gangs with giant dildos to care that much for the world or story.

And that is the appeal of Saint's Row I've always loved.


This is the fun GTA4 was missing..I hope GTA5 brings back this fun or elese im gonna dump the GTA brand and move to the Saint row brand.

f7897902626d ago

It kind of sucks. You can have the story of GTA or the fun chaos of Saints Row when both game should have both.

Dee_912626d ago

i totally disagree
san andreas was the perfect blend of seriousness and fun
yea gta 4 was a bit too realistic
but this .. i dont know it seem they are trying to hard to be funny and its coming off corny to me
im sure the next gta will be more fun but this is too too much
for me

kingslayer10002626d ago

gta was always a better game than saints row

mastiffchild2626d ago

I realise it doesn't TRY to be relevant or to have any depth or even much meaning in it's shallow story and that the attraction is the bits of GTA I personally find dull as all hell-the aimless pissing about-but even considering that I can't get past the fact it's shit.

I'm all for accepting that I won't like every game out there, happy to admit that not even every great game will be to MY tatses or even games that are seemingly tailored to my tatses won't sometimes be a massive let down to me personally while pleasing everyone else-all that i understand and am not so over entitled that I think every game should please me personally. However, SR is shit. Always has been and as it cuddles up more and more to the daft in a mindlessly facile way to appease critic and gamer alike(they have no class but don't claim to-they ignore the race so they cannot fail, it's almost cowardice)andd sway temfrom any critique by claiming not to be trying that hard to be anythuing BUT pissing about they miss the point of pissing about itself. It's only FUN if it's a vicarious thrill but in a game where the dev doesn't care and encourages it a lot where's the "getting away with it"?

Totally pointless and the ironic use of dildos as weapons is just too childish to be amusing and the way so many critics fall for this post modern "look at us, we're so bad we're outrageous and,actually, great because of it" underlines how bankrupt, in terms of taste and talent, the industry and those writing about it have become. The whole thing deserves LESS fuss being made about it and is a carbuncle on the face of gaming we should all be worried about-as long as it's "shocking" it goes in but then it's, like Sterling's contrived "controversial" low scores for big games, a shallow formula with little technical merit to back it up. Had the team been making amazing games aside from SR they'd have some more respect for doing this-but I think it's the best they CAN do and use this as a cover up for not being capable of competing with other sandboxes never mind GTA itself.

SR the third? Not for me buddy. I don't want to know about anything of Jim's that happens to be salty, or not, either.

DaTruth2626d ago

I agree with everything you said, but if there's a market for it, might as well exploit that market! Especially since the other market is gonna take GTA 10/10 times!

Maybe some will buy both games, but they will lose every customer who choose to or can only buy one!

turgore2626d ago

Better a simple story than a convoluted mess of a story with annoying characters (with piss poor voice acting) in GTA 4.

kaveti66162626d ago

gta4 wasn't convoluted at all. what game were you playing, mgs4?

matrix462626d ago

@turgore Piss poor acting are you kidding me? I don't think you know what you're talking about. I can understand you not liking GTA4 but not because of the acting.

Dee_912626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

I hated saints row 2
I hated almost everything about it
and this screen shot just look like a bunch of stupid
I dont like the humor its corny to me
the story was horrible
the game was just a turn off
I loved how saints row 1 looked at the time because it was new but i never played it and I thought I would like saints row 2
But I can see how and why people would like it
its just not my type of game

StarWolf2626d ago

These games bore me. I promise anyone, this game will get boring unless you are trophy hunting.

Legion2626d ago

Who approved this article? It just shows a picture and says we should be disgusted with it for some reason. Not even telling us why... thus opening up the endless banter about nothing.

I see a game being played... get over it. FAIL.

Vaud-Villian2626d ago

I dont think we are supposed to be disgusted with it, hes just disgusted we arent making a big deal about it? I seriously don't know if he is excited about it or hating it, the opinionated photo caption (which is all it essentially is)doesnt even make a coherent thought.

SuperBeast8112626d ago

sounds to me like you like boring games lol dude relax and have some fun they are called GAMES!!!!if you want a gripping story go watch gone with the wind LOL

Christopher2626d ago

Or play one of a lot of games that actually meet what I'm looking for in a game. Notice that nowhere in my post did I say that others can't or shouldn't like this sort of game.

jetlian2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

now we got a mod trolling If you don't like the game why you here?

Story is better than anything gta has done. If anything its one long story. Sorry gangsta stuff not your style

subtenko2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

So anyone so says a game is "stupid, it doesnt make sense" will be cited another reference to a game (SR3) and the person will say "Ok, so what do you think about SR3 then?" If they like it they are a hypocrite.

So, with than in mind, who thinks there are stupid games that dont make sense, name them and if you like SR3 with octopuses and jolly ranchers launching out of a gun, then what are you doing talking about games that "dont make sense"?

oh, btw...

I think in the game you should be able to ride a dolphin..on land... and you should be able to chop down a tree and throw it a someone, then make a pencil out of it. (Everyone whos getting SR3 should all like those ideas and more, if not, then you arent gonna get SR3 obviously,lol)

popup2626d ago

There are always those kids with vivid imaginations that get lost in their own worlds and there are those that need some kind of stimulus and push in the right direction to get on with it.

This is a playground for the imagination blessed.

damnyouretall2625d ago

i did have a good laugh when i seen the guy beating people with a purple dildo bat in the last video. but games like that do get old very fast

Moragami2625d ago

Yeah, that screenshot looks really stupid to me. Just tells me I haven't missed much by skipping the first two.

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Darkspade2626d ago

This is going to be the Funniest game this year, Maybe not the Best but the funniest.. Can't wait for the Holiday Season.. Games, Games and More games

smilydude132626d ago

Really? It may be funny if I was still in middle school.

The game comes off as trying too hard with it's juvenile brand of wacky & vulgar humor. I can enjoy wacky & vulgar humor but it has to be witty. Beating somebody with a giant purple dildo does not scream witty to me.

palaeomerus2626d ago

You come off as a snobbish, boring lecturing prude.

Johnny Jiron2626d ago

Yes cause in this world of mass variety and differences there is only one form of humor. I enjoy Portal's sarcastic style just as much as I enjoy the lewd behavior and nonsense found in Saints Row. It's a game that realized what it was early on and has been running with it ever sense.

smilydude132626d ago

@Johnny Jiron

Obviously there are differences in humor. I to enjoy humor that can be vulgar and lewd.

However in order for me to enjoy it it has to be witty. Well executed. Imaginative.

Saint's Row 3 so far displays non of those attributes in my opinion but instead focuses on cheap thrills and comes across as juvenile. If you find beating somebody with an over sized dildo humorous then good for you. I however don't.

WANNAGETHIGH2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

@smilydude13 I bet ur one of those people who wears a helment to ride a bicycle.

TheIneffableBob2626d ago

Not really sure what kind of insult that's supposed to be, but wearing a helmet is a very smart thing to do. A kid at my school died a couple months ago from a crash in a bicycle race and he WAS wearing a helmet.

Cars offer you a lot of protection with their frames; bicycles do not, which is why it's highly advisable that you wear a helmet while riding one.

Zimmerman2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )


I raged on the inside about helmets the other day, and how morons like you have declared it socially unacceptable to protect a major organ with a simple and effective device.

It's ridiculous that I could be ridiculed for wearing a helmet while riding my bike to uni, but that is the sole reason I don't wear a helmet. I just play safe and go slow instead.

Hurr durr I like to take care of myself I must be a dork

Calm Down Sunshine2626d ago

Fear not, Zimmerman..

Darwinism will eventually claim the simple folk.

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schlanz2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Funnier than Portal, erm no.

Most ridiculous, yes.

mastiffchild2626d ago

Smily is just saying, and I concur, that SR's humour is just shit. There's a place for vulgarity and lewd laughs but the ones offered by this series are poor for their own field-nothing snobbish or prudish about it if you just think it's all low quality for what it is.

If you enjoy it more power to you but don't paint someone as something they aren't purely because they don't share your point of view about a game, eh? I think, personally, that the joke wasn't strong to begin with and by going as far as they can in this direction the games become ever MORE predictable and with every "wacky" weapon or "shocking" occurrence or character or ability it becomes more and more about their formula of being as crass as possible with little wit or invention. Had they the balls to be crude WITH a little wit at the same time as actually making a great sandbox game with a great story to rival GTA or RDR then I'd be interested but as all they do is hide from the competition from behind a wall of low quality smut a ten year old wouldn't be shocked by they get none from me. Just up your game is what I'd say to them.

Don't imagine people are prudish just because they think SR is a heavy handed and bland way to get your low brow humour as they probably, like myself, just want it delivered with more panache. Toilet and sexual humour is funny,farts are funny but SR, not so much. Their delivery is what stinks.

Mutant-Spud2626d ago

Spraying sewage over the place wasn't as funny as seeing Nico rocket through the windscreen of a car or the Hall Of Meat in Skate.
To be honest I've laughed more playing games like Skate or Bad Co multiplayer than games which "try" to be funny because funny things happen when the game actually gives you the tools to mess about and make your own fun.
Halo Reach is another "funny" game, mainly because you can record the fun, those "epic fail" videos on Halo Waypoint have me in tears of laughter.

jeeves862626d ago

I didn't play GTAIV for very long because of the ridiculous phone calls and the ridiculous characters, and the fact that it took itself a little too seriously.

SR never takes itself seriously.

But I think the perfect blend here was SRII - it was serious enough to not require you to be batshit insane all the time, but allowed you to do as you pleased. If you wanted to bash grandpa's face in with a dildo, you could.

This is what freedom is.

Arthas2626d ago

I dont understand... whats the big deal?

Ocelot5252626d ago

Looks like this game is directed by Michael Bay

JellyJelly2626d ago

@Ocelot525 - Not enough LeBeouf.

etowntwo2626d ago

I didn't even care about this game till I saw this vid ... Thanks.

Who2626d ago

@ etowntwo:

Same here. The first two SR games didn't grab my attention, but after seeing this trailer about a week back, I'm intrigued. Give me an awesome story with this madness and I'm sold. lol.

Arthas2626d ago

And now I understand... Thank you.
Looks good.

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Snake Raiser2626d ago

I didn't understand until after I saw that video too. It looks like SR has become much more than a GTA clone.

KeiserSosay47882626d ago

That looks very VERY awesome.

RememberThe3572626d ago

I never give hits to Destructoid. I keep em all on N4g :)

news4geeks2626d ago

Jim Sterling is awesome he's the only reason why I visit destructoid. Love his show the jimquisition it's well funny. Of course it's typical that the n4g community will hate him...

SilentNegotiator2626d ago

Jim is brilliant when he's not straight up trolling....except when he's trolling someone who deserves it, like feminists attacking one of the least sexist games to attack.