Q-Games Always 'Concentrate on Giving you Something New'

Developers of the PixelJunk series have stated that their main goal in games development is to always try and give something new to the gamer.

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Lelouch2589d ago

Which is why I keep giving them my money. But I gotta say, lifelike looks like it will kinda suck.

Szarky2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

agreed. need PJ Monsters sequel.

Sidescroller looks lame too, I mean we got Shooter 1 & 2 now they dumb down the graphics a bit to give this new one an old school look and probably release it for $10 later in the year? Come on.


didn't even really know what lifelike was until your comment got me curious enough to search: http://playstationlifestyle... looks lame

GodsHand2589d ago

Yes PJM sequel, bring it.

Lifelike sounds like it will be something like the Detuned title on PSN, it was music based, that you interact with to change tempo, and such.

mandf2589d ago

I'm with you on PJ Monsters 2 or expansion. One of the best tower defense games ever. I have played a lot of them.

TheDivine2589d ago

I like pj monsters but im kinda dissapointed with the ps3 version. The psp one had way more maps and content. I had it on psp bu figured id get it on ps3 with the bundle but its like half the game lol. Is the ps3 expansion for it different than the psp island? I liked eden and pjs2 but racers was pretty boring imo. They need a pixeljunk platformer like mario and a pj rpg!!! They could do some cool stuff yet with the series.

strange19862589d ago

Yes! Pixeljunk platformer would be awesome.

trenso12589d ago

Pixel junk rpg would be awesome maybe they could get some ideas from rpgs built in lbp2

Ness-Psi2589d ago

they make awesome games, hope they make stuff for the Vita too.

A platformer from pixeljunk would be an excellent idea.