EEDAR: Success of Sony's Welcome Back Program Could Lead to New Marketing Strategy

Eric of Writes:

"Later in the report EEDAR suggests that due to these findings a new marketing strategy can come from this, two options were given. Free Prior: This option would be to release the first iteration of the game for free prior to the launch of the next title. They think that by offering the game for free, for a limited time, it would increase awareness of the franchise to those who might not have known about it and create new customers for the second title."

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dwightmccarthy2562d ago

this could work, giving the first game for free before the release but if it becomes the norm it will be like mobile games where everyone waits for the games to be free for on sale for 99 cents. definitely interesting proposal though

teething2562d ago

I can't see free titles happening... Big discounts, but not free.

And the 15 to 17% increase in digital sales post psn down? Are they kidding, this has nothing to do with the welcome back offering, and everything to due with psn users having a backlog of dlc they wanted during the downtime, but could not get.

By this logic, sony should support hackers and it will increase sales whenever the psn returns online.

admiralvic2562d ago

This is actually nothing new, but slightly different. A lot of games (namely Sony titles) had an extremely similar tactic attached to it.

Preorder uncharted 3 and get uncharted 2 GOTY for 10.
Preorder god of war 3 get 10 usd off god of war collection
Buy white knight chronicles 2 and 1 is included on the disc
Buy (or was it preorder?) F3ar get Fear 2 free

I dont think this will be a up coming tactic though. A lot of games retain value even after another sequel comes out. In terms of games Sony could have offered Resistance 1 or 2 to hype 3 and the same can be said for Uncharted. They went with inFAMOUS and LBP because both were nearing the end of their value cycle.

LBP was free with a controller at one point, was bundled with the system, got a GOTY budget rerelease with DLC, was free to anyone that bought plus in EU for like 2 months and was the first free game in Japan with plus. If you ask me giving it away as a choice to anyone feels like its seriously out of the value market.

inFAMOUS had a similar cycle with a GOTY re release, controller bundle, wasn't it on the store for a while prior? and such.

Neither game really had much sales potential left and had the added bonus's of newer games coming out near the time of the hack.

ginsunuva2562d ago

They went with Infamous and lbp because they were already on the store for download for a year now, while uncharted and resistance aren't on the store at all.

rrquinta2562d ago

Interesting, and you do see more games doing something like this (for example, Alice:MR including the original, and Bioshock Infinite planning to include the original). Motivates people who maybe never got to play the original into buying your sequel.

LOGICWINS2562d ago

"Bioshock Infinite planning to include the original"

Dude, where did you hear this?

mandf2562d ago

From the developers mouth at E3. Bioshock Infinite will include the original game, move support, and 3d support.

ginsunuva2562d ago

Only on ps3 version though.

theherp802562d ago

yeah they announced it during the E3 Sony Press Conf. If you get the PS3 version you get Bioshock 1 for free. Not a bad deal, though for some reason i want to say it didnt run that well on PS3.

rrquinta2556d ago

@theherp80 - Yeah, the PS3 version was a port that came out later. But I have played it and it seems fine to me. Especially if it's included free.

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TheLiztress2562d ago

It's definitely a marketing tactic worth using. And especially if the first title is an older one from a previous generation, or the start of the current generation. Gets the player's attention when it comes to the new title being released.

trainsinrdr2562d ago

The welcome back package was bullshit all 5 games sucked big hairy genitilia.

theherp802562d ago

I think the games were good but nothing i needed....could have used some newer titles IMO