"Fantastic" PSOne Classic Being Teased for Release on PSN Next Week

Sony may have just updated the PlayStation Store yesterday, but a “fantastic import title” is currently being teased to see release next week.

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darthv722416d ago


i really liked that shmup.

clearelite2415d ago

Woa, I forgot all about that game.

NukaCola2415d ago

I know this seems silly but I was Bug's Bunny Lost in Time. In the spirit o Mario 64 and quite frankly one of my all time favorite games

Der_Kommandant2415d ago

Philosoma along with Twisted Metal, Warhawk and Loaded were my first PS1 games

Masta_fro2415d ago

how bout Tai-Fu: Wrath of the Tiger....

my god i loved that game!

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CrescentFang2416d ago

I'm with you on this, I'll be the sacrifice :3

FriedGoat2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

UK PSN sucks for ps1 titles

Knushwood Butt2415d ago

At least you got Silent Hill, right? Japan hasn't even got that.. Or Street Fighter Alpha/Zero...

thorstein2416d ago


It'll be that one with that guy in it that released a little while ago.

Disccordia2415d ago

I would like to request Bushido Blade

WillGuitarGuy2415d ago

Oh yes please. I was wondering why the PS Store hasn't added Bushido Blade yet. Its bound to come sooner than later...hopefully.

kuroukage2415d ago

Now that would be pure awesome sauce. Doubt it will happen, but great title.

slayorofgods2415d ago

just keep the classic jrpg's coming. The library is starting to look good.

We still need Legend of Dragoon and Suikoden 2.

Hozi892415d ago

Yes! Legend of Dragoon!

gustave1542415d ago

Oh man Suikoden 2 was the shit back in the day

DufferO82415d ago

Spyro for europe please!

MoveTheGlow2415d ago

Surfaced, you may be right about this. Just about everyone else can't read, as evidenced by ignoring the "import" word.

Later on, MonkeyPaw tweeted "If someone takes another picture of themselves playing a @monkeypawgames title, we'll give you the first letter of the upcoming #PSN shooter"

Shooter, eh? It isn't DonPachi, since we already got that one. Not sure. It can't be Philosoma though, Darth. That one had a US release that I remember well.

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an0nym0us2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Shadow Man? That game mostly scared me with the animations no bullshit,I could NOT make out what i was shooting. Plus the noises was annoying as well, not scary though.

Eeeahh, Aaaho, Uuaah, being yelled in the background, does not make a game scary.

fluffydelusions2416d ago

Parasite Eve 2 is also coming to PSN according to joystiq.

user8586212416d ago

its already out in eu store

Black-Helghast2415d ago

Is Parasite Eve 1 & 2 on the PSN? If they are I have a reason to buy another PSN... <3

MasterCornholio2415d ago

Oh great another game that i will have to get on the Vita. Dang you sony stop making me spend money.

Kamikaze1352416d ago

Final Fantasy VII-2

All the left over materials from VII

Ingram2415d ago

That totally cracked me up lol