Destructoid: Insomniac brings killer atmosphere to Resistance 3

Resistance 2 wasn't perfect, but not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. But did seem to be a disappointing departure away from the direction Insomniac seemed to be going with Fall of Man. Resistance 3, on the other hand, seems like a giant leap in a direction that fans of the series (and first-person shooters in general) will appreciate when the game lands on September 6.

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an0nym0us2595d ago

If this game was a survival horror, it be much more well received, looks to similar to killzone (futuristic fps).

M-Easy2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

A game that takes place during the WWII time frame is a futuristic FPS now? Lmao how bout you play the games or at least read up about it before trolling next time.

an0nym0us2595d ago

dude your using futuristic weapons in a futuristic setting WW2 my ass... and don't you agree it would be better, more unique as a survival horror?

norman292595d ago

There not futuristic weapons there alien weapons

bloodybutcher2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

it is actually during ´50s and some weapons are based on real guns of this period. it is science fiction,not futuristic.

theonlylolking2595d ago

Yup, and humans took and learned chimeran tech and made huge advancements in technology. In resistance 2 humans pretty much had modern weapons, aircraft, etc...

HeavenlySnipes2595d ago

first you make an incorrect statement about the Resistance series, then instead of saying thanks to M-Easy for correcting you, you try to tell he is wrong.


mrv3212595d ago

Is World of Warcraft futuristic because of it's magic staffs?

Is I don't know ANY MMO set in the dark ages futuristic for the same reason?

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firemassacre2595d ago

why isn't this game getting more publicity.

its a damn crime.

dark-hollow2595d ago

after the dissapointment that R2 am not surprised.

RFOM was miles better (maybe not in multiplayer)

BX812595d ago

I had high hopes for this game. I thought graphically it would be on par with Uncharted or GOW3 (great games) but I just watched some gameplay on and I was let down like crazy. Don't get me wrong it doesn't look like poop but with the exclusives looking great on PS3 they could've done way better. Also played the demo that came with Battle los.. and It just felt like meh. Also wtf is up with a gun that can shoot through walls? That is just cheap as hell. Let's just give the players a wall hacking weapon.. good call.

MaxXAttaxX2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

That demo and those screens are from a 9 month old build.
Nice try, units.

Here's what the game looks like in action:
That's right. Great. Way better than R2.

That's the Auger gun. It's been around since Resistance 1!

El-Fenemeno12132595d ago

the auger (gun that shoots through walls) has been around since the first resistance x_x. I assume you aren't a fan of the franchise.

HeavenlySnipes2595d ago

in motion, and the Auger has always been in Resistance.

xKeane2595d ago

lmao THIS IS ALL COMING FROM SOMEONE WITH A GEARS OF WAR AVATAR. Insomniac devotes there final 5 months of development to the graphics department. Meaning they work on the graphics on the last 5 months of development. They have even stated that for resistance 3 later back. So the graphics look good now. theyl look amazing later. Go play ur gears of war beta

BX812594d ago

What's wrong with a gears avatar? I also had a PSN down, voltron, RZA, Ghostbusters and Uncharted avatar before. LOL.

BX812594d ago

@Nathan. I haven't played part1. I did play a little of part two but I just couldn't get over the graphics. I'm not a big fan of wall hacking and a gun that gives you the ability to do that is lame to me. Is the MP any good? Never tried it.

xKeane2592d ago

oh so ur a graphics whore...that explains why you dont give games a chance...

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Thoreau2595d ago

i played the demo on the battlefield la blu ray and i was not impressed, in fact i have not been impressed with insomniac for a long time.....

Thoreau2595d ago

first thing nerds do is dis me, reality is only for the select few.

user83971442595d ago

Nerds? look where you are buddy.

Game0N2595d ago

resistance 3 will be my first venture into the playstation move, yup you guessed it, $150 move bundle+sharpshooter+resistance 3=WIN

who's taking the "move" leap with me?

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