Ridiculous Long Distant Tomahawk Kill In Black Ops Is Ridiculous

Derangedshaman: "I thought MW2 was bad with the freaking quickscopers and noobtubers, get a load of this ridiculous long distant Tomahawk kill. Sorry, but Geronimo himself wouldn’t be able to pull that off at that distance. /end rant."

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DrRichtofen2562d ago

That wasn't very far... I've seen way further tomahawk kills than that. I've even had my own tomahawks curve around corners and kill people.

grailly2561d ago

i guess that the impressive part comes from the fact that he aimed, normally distant tomahawks are more or less random

Spenok2560d ago

Maybe, but still. If you play "Sticks and Stones" this happens ALL the time.

Not incredibly ridiculous at all. Was a damn good throw though.

Keith Olbermann2561d ago

"Ridiculous Long Distant Tomahawk Kill In Black Ops Is Ridiculous"
It must be Ridiculous...he says it twice.

Motorola2561d ago

WTF that was terrible....

RyuDrinksTheDew2561d ago

lol, yaaa, gonna have to go with everyone else on this.

ive seen WAAAYYY better tomahawks, this one wasnt that good at all.

solidsnake2222561d ago

Maybe I should hop on Black Ops, get a Tomahawk kill in 5 minutes, and post it on here. Wonder how much unearned heat I would get...

DrRichtofen2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

When you do you have to give it an over exaggerated title too. I'm thinking maybe "OMG Unbelievable insane one in a million hail mary toma to the hawk head splitting insta-kill nothing like this has ever been done before" ohh and feel free to add as many CAPS and exclaimation marks as you want. The more you add the more epic it must be.

aj722560d ago

it would also help if you were hiphopgamer

Hicken2560d ago

The problem is that crap like this is possible at all.