PS3 Getting New Ratchet Bundle At Retail

According to reports Sony is getting ready to release a set of brand new Sony PS3 bundles which will include the likes of the new Ratchet and Clank Future: Tootls of Destruction, as well as Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray and Unchartes: Drake's Fortune.

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PimpHandHappy4056d ago

Sony is making a real effort to put the focus back on games

feejo4056d ago

That the right thing to do.

Meus Renaissance4056d ago

Wow. That's perfect. The Xbox will have serious competition this holidays.

Bnet3434056d ago

but the results are about the same every time.

cartman3134056d ago

Screw Ratchet N Clank and it's pos pirate jig. I snapped my copy into a million pieces...Uncharted is going to make a nice bundle.

Grassroots4056d ago

Are you serious, that pirate jig was fun, and hilarious! Shame on you.

Other Note: Sony seems to be putting a lot of faith in Uncharted by including it in the pack already without it being released yet. (I have a lot of faith in it as well!)

cartman3134056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Yeah it was funny. The first 2 doors were no problem. The 3rd one for some stupid retarded reason just wouldn't open up. I was stuck on that part for 3 days, got extremely frustrated and snapped the disc. I'm sure I will regret it later.

Uncharted will be amazing. Unless I have to do a jig with the pirates. :/

mark094056d ago

ROFL that is the saddest thing ive heard in a while lol...

Skerj4056d ago

LMAO Dude how did you fail the jig? Was it the "Shake Your Booty" part?

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IntelligentAj4056d ago

I would definitely pick up that bundle. This is going to make the competition this holiday real stiff!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.