Computer Learns To Play Civilization By – Get This – Reading The Manual

GameBlurb: MIT is once again leading the way in an exciting study on machine learning. Check out this blurb to see what they’re up to.

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RahatR2348d ago

Skynet is coming...soon

GodsHand2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Mimetic polyalloy.

Lazyeye792348d ago

This... is totally awesome!!!

MicrocutsX22348d ago

Wow, I remember computers being able to beat players in chess but now's kinda scary if you ask me.

GodsHand2348d ago

It is seeing now it can determine how a civ is started, and then destoryed. It could be a real game changer in the future against other nations.

guitarded772348d ago

Nah, we can trick the computers by giving them manuals with faulty information.

Bay2348d ago

Does this mean that, in the future, we will be able to face against AI opponents that know the game in and out and will repeatedly crush you at every turn, unless you're smarter than it? :D

GodsHand2348d ago

Smarter, or just able to use expolits. If I hear, or find an exploit in a game I use it to my advantage.

Neckbear2348d ago

No, because that'd put off valuable customers.

Gotta make that AI as retarded as possible to make even a monkey feel like a champion.

aaagamer2348d ago

Technology is getting too advanced.

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