5 3D Classics We Would Like To See Published by Nintendo

GPT: "With the release of 3D Classics Excitebike in North America, in addition to Xevious and Urban Champion in Japan, Nintendo has set quite the standard for their 3D NES remakes. That standard being near launch titles only! The NES library was filled with classics that helped shape the games industry as a whole and Nintendo, being Nintendo, will choose none of these for their 3D Classics series! Feel free to comment below with your predictions."

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VG_Releaser2589d ago

God, the 3DS is sooo stupid, why even make any more classics on it. They already ruined Ocarina of Time.

EYEamNUMBER12589d ago

how did they ruin it? its the exact same game as last time with a slight graphics update

Raichu502589d ago

yo i agree v greleaser it looks terrible. the grass looks like puke

EYEamNUMBER12588d ago

if your not being sarcastic your a true idiot

the game is ruined because the grass looks different? oh god...

GunShotEddy2589d ago

Super Mario Bros is inevitable. Nintendo milks that classic on every console.

Valk2588d ago

Milking is one of those words you shouldnt use because you do not understand what it means. If you want to know what milking is see SOny and their yearly releases of games and sequels(Uncharted 3 this gen on PS3 and already a 4th for Vita) Or Activision with CoD and Guitar Hero...

Sorry but Nintendo doing 2 2D sidescrolling MArio games in the last 15 to 20 years is not milking at all.

There have been more Rack bands made in the last 4 years than there have been 2D Mario games in the last 20.

Its really funny that you complain about milking and yet have a Rock band pic.. Too funny

GunShotEddy2588d ago

You might want to grab a dictionary. You described sequels and spin-offs. I'm talking about the SAME game being released repeatedly. It's okay if you didn't understand my meaning completely.

Valk2587d ago

Again you show your ignorance. They do not release the same game over and over..

If you want that, again I say look at the pic you have.

It's just funny that you obviously support milking yet act like its wrong when one company does it.

I described spin offs and sequels? Funny so did you.

Obviously you are just a moron who believes a certain way and will say or do anything to support that even if you have to look like a moron to do so...

I would say I'd love for you to explain how the second Punch out in 20 years is milking yet 5 Rock bands in as many years isnt milkin

Pillville2589d ago

3-D World Runner

Except allow you to save your game and continue back at the beginning of the current level if you lose all your lives.