L.A. Noire May Recieve Completely New DLC

Kotaku - There is a new L.A. Noire mystery: what comes next for the hit detective game? Something... but its creators won't say what just yet.

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DankJemo2715d ago

This doesn't seem like a bad thing does it? I mean. I know a lot of people spent 60 bucks on the game just recently, but the reviews seemed to be overwhelmingly positive. Why not milk that cash cow a bit more?

trainsinrdr2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

How is this not a bad thing?
They already screwed over all the people who pre-ordered the free dlc by making a rockstar pass and now they will probably screw over all the people who bought the rockstar pass by making some GOTY or complete edition...
Im so f*cking sick of this dlc milking bullshit.
F*ck you team bondi.

despair2715d ago

how did the preorder people get screwed, did you not receive the dlc? What's wrong with giving everyone a chance to get a price.Also the rockstar pass is 10 bucks and the dlc adds up to more than that if taken individually.

Would you rather no pass and you pay for each one, or a more expensive pass to get more but a longer wait between them for the new ones?

No one said you had to buy the dlc so why are you angry, if you enjoyed the game as is then what's the problem, but if you wanted more then there's that option as well, again, for a price.

Gordo7892715d ago

Wow they're really getting some mileage out of this stuff. I sort of want to play LA Noire, but am still somewhat burnt out by the open world jank from RDR.

GodsHand2715d ago

This open world is nothing like GTA, or RDR, and I don't mean that in a good way. While the game is something new, it lacks a lot of the qualities from GTA, or RDR.

despair2715d ago

Its definitely not the greatest game in the world, I see it as a few unrealised great gameplay ideas and mechanics. The problem is that the open world is not really useful other than side stuff and the occasional chase/getaway sequence. They needed to focus more on refining the game's detective mechanics and less on crafting an open world that isn't truly like an open world.

If there is a L.A. Noire 2 or something like it then hopefully they will fix it, it had amazing potential but they didn't fully live up to it. Once you realise that you will still enjoy the game, but if you expect too much it will let you down badly like a lot of people found out.

Bay2715d ago

So, the game shipped unfinished, basically. Then they charge you for the parts that should've been in the game. Sounds like a lot of games nowadays...

nikrel2715d ago

100% Agree. I will no longer buy any game new, unless it's a multi-player game.

Takoulya2715d ago

WTF? So games that can last you 50+ hours like Oblivion shouldn't be bought new because they have no multiplayer? How about Mass Effect 2?

nikrel2715d ago

I meant to add " new day one " because the price of single player games drop dramatically in such a short time.. also we have to look at goty editions.

There is no reason to buy a game new day one. Unless you just want it that bad but I can wait.

M4I0N32715d ago

Nikrel has a good point, singleplayer games tend to become cheaper faster than multiplayer focused games.

GodsHand2715d ago

I bought the game for $40, and purchased the $10 rockstar pass. I don't plan on every playing this game again, after the intital play through, other then getting the trophies. It just did not have the same wow factor such as GTA, or RDR.

Gordo7892714d ago

They shipped the game they shipped. They're not charging anybody for anything, they're giving you an opportunity to purchase something from them IF YOU WANT IT. There's a difference.

junk3d2715d ago

As long as its good...although, out of context, saying that the game is not complete yet doesn't sound too good.

Kakihara2715d ago

This game is such a dark omen for the future of the industry. A game that just gives you the illusion that you're actually doing something other than driving from checkpoint to checkpoint that also happens to be missing a chunk they want to charge you extra for. This game is a worse sign of the money grubbing casualisation of games than CoD and what's worse, it's heralded as some deep mature hardcore gamer's game.

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