A new Gravity Daze video surfaces

GravityDazeNews: A new gameplay video has surfaced. As usual there isn't much new stuff, but it might be worth a watch to see the start of the game being played by someone else. Those who can understand Japanese may hear some new information in the voice over, post a comment if you do!

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liveActionLeveler2683d ago

Use the right stick to look around- that's what I'm talkin about!

remanutd552683d ago

looking good , really good !!!

MasterCornholio2683d ago

Makes me wonder why Nintendo only went with one nub. They could have fitted a second one easily. Anyways this game looks pretty cool and i love that fact that you use the gyro to manipulate gravity.

The tech in the vita doesn't just provide great graphics but it also provides new gameplay experiences. Keep up the good work Sony your making me very happy.

jujubee882682d ago

That gyro (switchable with analog control) and anti-gravity mechanic is totally cool.

I think the main character is like the Wicked version of Wonder Woman. lol :p