Gamers Growing Up

This article is a opinion piece about the blinded view towards gamers.

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Saryk2682d ago

41 here! Been playing since the 2600 and C-64, which doesn't mean shit. But love playing my games. But I do agree with the author that it is parents responsibility to know what their kids are playing. I bet my oldest son hates that I'm a gamer and he can't get on those cool games...............

consolez_FTW2682d ago

As a 24 year old I feel like I don't have to justify my game playing. Maybe because it's more common nowadays. Still, there are some poeple ( my mom )who think videogames are for kids but, she won't keep me from my favorite hobby.

news4geeks2681d ago

be a good boy and do as your mommy says

bloodybutcher2681d ago

i am 34 and as a dad-to-be and a gamer(btw my woman is 29 and a gamer as well), i will definitely control what kind of games my son is playing.some people still say to me that games are for kids but i know that is because they have no idea whatsoever about gaming industry.

BlmThug2681d ago

I Dont Have A Child But If I Did Then I Would Control What The Child Watches, Does And Says Instead Of Blaming It On The Game Developers. Some Parents Were Not Meant to Have kids

digger182681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

44 here, been gaming since pong came out.

My wife and all my kids are gamers too. Oh and I've just become a Grandad.. =)

Edit: Thanks Matpan

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