Nintendo Wii U: 5 Things Working For it So Far

IndustryGamers: E3 saw an absolute barrage of announcements related to Nintendo's Wii U system. Now that the dust has settled and new groundbreaking announcements about the Wii U aren't likely until Tokyo Game Show '11 at the earliest, and maybe not until the Game Developers Conference next year, we can take stock of what we know about the system so far. Here are the top five things we think are positive indications for the system as we know it today.

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Sinner101GR2714d ago

Getting told all this cool stuff, and we've yet to actually see the console itself.

Nintendo is like...flirting with us too much.

jacksonmichael2714d ago

How do you mean we haven't seen it? It's in the trailer, and Kotaku even had a video with a guy trying to explain the ports and whatnot. But if you meant that we haven't been shown what it can really do, then yeah, you're right.

donniebaseball2714d ago

I think it'll be a cool console but I don't see it selling as well among the mainstream Wii owners out there now.

Kos-Mos2714d ago

Two things: Nintendo and all us cool, light hearted, loving, caring, pretty Nintendo fans out there.

Getowned2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Great article,a good read really we are starting to see a hardcore side of Nintendo that we always wanted and the 3rd party support is looking really good Assasins creed,Battlefield,Batman:AC,Ni nja Gaiden and the rest is a great line up of games and then to have great exclusive games like Mario,Zelda,Metroid,Donkey Kong,Kurby,Smash Bro's,Pokemon,Wii sports,Starfox.I really think they will reach there goal of having games for everyone.The Wii U just keeps sounding better and better the more i read and learn about it. Next Gen im Going with a Wii U & PS4 combo.

charmer2714d ago

with the wiiu nintendo got everything just right...a controller with endless possibilities...a system thats more powerful then the ps3 and xbox 360 yet not so much so to cut out new developers that may not have huge budgets.....and it does 1080p and 3d capable out the box and even if the next ps3 or xbox360 is more powerful and we dont know that yet....the different will hardly be noticeable ..its not like they are going to be able to do 3060p.

rexbolt2713d ago

the issues is sony will copy lol watch

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