Hitboxes, Punkbuster, and more new Battlefield 3 information

SystemLink: "Russian Battlefield fansites and had the pleasure of holding a podcast with the Russian Battlefield Community Manager Eugene “Joe” Olenev. In turn, Battlefieldo picked up in this interview and condensed all the facts into an easy-to-read list. Read on, friends."

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Dart892592d ago

- Recoil is really tricky and needs getting used to.

Idk why but i love guns having recoil it makes the game more interesting for me.

evrfighter2592d ago

Cybersports oriented means mod tools are needed or servers need to be extremely customizable. Not like that crap thats goin on in cod.

Maps need to be qa tested extensively for balance. New maps need to be free or risk splitting up the community. In esports simplicity and balance determine the success of titles.

Theres a reason why a good amount of units in sc2 never made it to the multiplayer portion of the game, and why more fps gamers play cs more than cod

Tachyon_Nova2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Well, map packs definety wont be free, so there goes that. And also, heaps more people play CoD than CS even on PC. If you add up the player numbers from all the CoDs vs CS, Call of Duty is well in front, and that is just based on Steam numbers. You have to be logged into Steam to play CS but you can play CoD without even having Steam. Then take into account consoles and there are probably 10-20 times more people playing CoD than CS.

Ducky2591d ago

^ You need steam to play MW2 and BlOps...

... and I think he was mainly talking about the e-sports scene, where CS has more player than CoD (ProMod for CoD4 had success, but that's about it)

a_squirrel2591d ago

:D I can't wait! (but seriously, I'm gonna have to)

DeadlyFire2591d ago

Yes there will be DLC and map packs. That is unfortunate resolve of today's gaming world.

Will there be mod tools. Answer is very likely yes, but likely on a closed portion at first and released at an undetermined date after 2-3 DLC packs are released.

I love that e-sports will be a part of Battlefield 3.

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KeiserSosay47882591d ago

So it's not BF2 and it's not BFBC2? I'm fine with that. I'm glad DICE is ok with taking a chance like this. It will most likely work out to be a fantastic game. I personally love BF games.

I wonder what the unannounced project is? Could it be Mirrors Edge 2? That would be cool. I liked the first one.

GrumpyVeteran2591d ago

Interesting that it doesn't feel like BF2. Well with said, hopefully it makes history and is remembered for a long time.

KeiserSosay47882591d ago

It probably doesn't because of how far they've advanced the recoil on the weapons since BF2. BF2's recoil was good, but I don't think felt as genuine as BC2's...even though there were alot of things that were far from genuine in BC2, lol

chriski3332591d ago

sounds good does any1 know when the beta is coming out?

SweatyFlorida2591d ago

September is the open beta they announced. But they haven't said diddly squat about the MOH:LE beta users getting in early or anything :(

HydroCopper2591d ago


Stop making bullshit claims. Nobody from DICE or EA officially announced an OPEN beta for BF3.

Yes it makes sense that MOH owners will have early access to the beta, and there MAY BE an open one later, but nothing of that sort has been announced or confirmed.

SweatyFlorida2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )


What the hell are YOU talking about, I never made any BS claims.

THEY(As in DICE) said OPEN beta. Get a clue before flaming on someone next time xD EXACT details are yet to be concluded, but I just based what I said on what DICE has said/hinted

KeiserSosay47882591d ago

MOH LE buyers are probably gonna get in a week early or something. That's what I'm thinkin' anyways...

peowpeow2591d ago

Woo, nothing but keen to play this. I love cybersports oriented games!

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