PSLS: NCAA Football 12 Review

That special time is upon us again, football fans: NCAA Football 12 is here, and it is better than ever. Pick the turf out of your cleats, wash that jockstrap, it’s time for some football!

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Sev2713d ago

"The stadiums, the roar of the crowd, the team-specific entrances, the grass (yes, that is important in a football game)… you will actually feel as though you are watching a college game. The ESPN presentation layer is the icing on the cake."

Sounds awesome.

Is the ESPN presentation like what they did with Fight Night Champion? Because that was really cool.

BigPete79782713d ago

It's exactly how it is when you watching a college game on television, the presentation is amazing.

dragon822713d ago

Like BigPete said, it looks exactly like you are watching a college football game on ESPN. :)

Lifewish2713d ago

not a big football fan but from what I have seen and read it sounds and looks great.

Good review

dragon822713d ago

I enjoying this game so much right now. It's amazing!!!!!

cedaridge2713d ago

i have it on ps3 and i must say WOW! i enjoy playing in the fog and the snow game is nice too. well done Tiburon well done EA! can't wait for Madden.