Six unwanted remakes that blew us away

OXM UK: "History is rife with game reboots nobody wanted that turned out fine regardless. Here are six of the best."

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fr00ty-wizenhymer2415d ago

Van Buren is the true Fallout 3.

kaveti66162415d ago

Bethesda's game is superior.

kaveti66162415d ago

I think Fallout 3 is superior to the original Fallout games. I played them and I think Bethesda's rendition is better.

PS3Freak2415d ago

I hated the new hot pursuit. All it is is racing, you can't drive to anywhere and explore. What's the point of having an open world when it's just roads.

Drove around for an hour then got bored.

JellyJelly2415d ago

Still, you could control the cars in it. That's more than you can say about NFS Shift 1&2 with their broken handling.

Hicken2415d ago

First of all, only one of these is a remake(unless I'm missing something). Second, which one would you even call a reboot? I guess Hot Pursuit has been gone long enough that it would count, but pretty much everything else has had regular installments every few years, if not more frequently.

showtimefolks2415d ago

fallout 3 and prince of persia are the only one the other 4 were good games nothing that blew us away

need for speed HP really? its a great game but what blew you away?

and catlevania is GOW,sotc and some dmc

KeiserSosay47882415d ago

I really liked Castlevania. Sure, it had alot of sotc and GOW influences, but the overall quality of storytelling and soundtrack put it up there with those two games imo.

The_Devil_Hunter2415d ago

Castlevania was a very freaking awesome game I loved every secod of it, I haven't had fun with a game since Uncharted 2. Really deserved better praise.

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