ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection Gets Pre-Launch Discount, Order Now

Sony’s ICO and the Shadow of the Colossus Collection will see release this September for the already incredible price of $39.99, but why pay $39.99 if you can get the game at a cheaper price? Currently the title is being offered at a discount through an online retailer and the new price is something too good to pass on.

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Misterhbk2708d ago

That's a pretty damn good deal. Can't wait for this collection. Been looking forward to this one more than any of the others tbh.

Black-Helghast2708d ago

A good deal indeed. If only I still bought games at Amazon. I stopped buying after some incident with my credit card happened so Money Hungry gamestop for me it is. ):

heroicjanitor2708d ago

It's not Amazon.

ksense2708d ago

hmmm. this is tempting. I am going to buy it regardless but I have amazon credit and should prolly hope for a deal on that. I guess I will pre order it and then cancel if Amazon matches it closer to release.

I still hope Sony announce that the collection will come packed with a demo of last guardian like mentioned a while ago. Gamescom announcement perhaps?

MightyMark4272708d ago

can't wait for this game! Just two more months

trainsinrdr2708d ago

Im still waiting for a f*cking gta hd remake to be announced...

consolez_FTW2708d ago

WOO! now I can play these again for fairly cheap. Last time I played these games I was a young teen. Can't wait to go experience this again!

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The story is too old to be commented.