Beard Engine Promo

Can you handle a game that's powered by the Beard?

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MasterCornholio2439d ago

Now what the heck is that suppose to be? Is this a joke cause it sure seems like it.

lochdoun2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Beard is Twisted Pixel's engine that they use to make games on Xbox 360. That video is an intro video to Ms. Splosion Man.

MasterCornholio2439d ago

Ok thks no wonder it was so weird.

Minartis2439d ago

The first time I saw that it really cracked me up!
Ms Splosion man is great , and Gunstringer should be out by the end of the year also!

fatstarr2438d ago

seriously what is this?

turning n4g into tumblr/twitter?