IGN Preview - Resistance 3's First Seven Chapters

Colin Moriarty: Clearly, nothing is looking up for humanity as Resistance 3 gets under way. It's already too cold for all but a few crops to grow. But another deep winter will inevitably crush humanity's resolve, as well as their organic means of survival. At the behest of Joseph's wife, he and Malakov travel together by boat down a frozen, debris-ridden river towards St. Louis, Missouri. En route, the two men run into a slew of Chimera, including Longlegs, Shock Drones and fast-moving feral creatures known as Grims. But even after an encounter with a humongous Goliath, the men survive long enough to make it to an abandoned mill, where a human presence entices them to explore further.

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remanutd552713d ago

looking really good !!!!

ksense2713d ago

can't wait for this, deus ex, uncharted, ico/sotc and splinter cell collection. twisted metal is a wait and see for me as I never played the originals on ps2.

Inside_out2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Really looking forward to playing this game. Killzone and Resistance have such great looking worlds...hopefully, it will all come together for them on Res 3.

Sevir042713d ago

They both say that this is What Fans have been asking for from Resistance. Calling it "spectacular" and "the resistance game that validates the franchise" and "an amazing story which showcases the bleak outlook of humanity in away other fps haven't done in recent times" :-)

Needless to say, I can't fucking wait. This is going to be the best resistance of the franchise. And i freaking love that insomniac has taken this game in such an amazing direction.

Day fucking 1. It's the only fps I need this fall.

GiggMan2713d ago

I checked out a few previews also and they were all stellar.

What saddens me is when these same site give their review, it's going to all of a sudden be mediocre...

Rynx2713d ago

This couldn't be any further from the truth. Whether they scrutinize the multiplayer or the campaign length, whatever the case, I'm sure MW3 will get a free pass for the same things.

Peaceful_Jelly2713d ago

yeah, we all saw it with inFamous 2. Spectacular previews and then all of a sudden everybody started with the 6's and 7's even though the game was at least an 8.

redDevil872713d ago

I saw 2 new gameplay vids on gametrailers, talk about hitting the atmosphere perfectly! Seriously its shaping up to be better than i thought it would be.