Call of Duty 4 GameZone Review: Xbox360 - 9. 5 (0.1 lower than PS3)

Give Xbox 360 Version 9.5. Compared to PS3 version which ended up getting 9.6 there are couple of things different. The game was reviewed with different personal so that might account for the difference. Anyways, the graphics get a lower score while the multiplayer gets a higher score. The break down is as follows. The parentheses are the ps3 scores.

Gameplay: 9.5 (9.6)
Graphics: 9.5 (9.7)
Sound: 9.5 (9.5)
Concept: 9.5 (9.5)
Multiplayer: 9.5 (9.3)

Overall: 9.5 (9.6)

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wil4hire4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

But.. its not detrimental to the game. It looks good on the 360.

It just looks better on the ps3.

I think the xbots are going to have to sit the rest of this year.. well.. the rest of 08 as well out.

I need bubbles to take on mart & bladestar... thx

Ps3Fanboy7774059d ago

What good is a review if you have no solid foundation to base it off...

I just read another review where they said the framerate stuttered? Not to mention the tard notion of .1 of a deduction that winds up being due to a two different reviewers?

Ill say it again. Reviewers are not needed.

kooplar4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

better graphics on ps3, better multiplayer on 360. seeing as this games main focus and appeal is the multiplayer part, I think il takke the xbox version. Besides, the graphics dif. is minimal, compared to how better live is over psn. But at the end of the day, cod4 is cod4 on any system and that rocks!

edit: actualy, i dont own a ps3, but there is one at my house about 4 days a week ( my cousin brings it over) and any moron will take a better online expreince over a minimal ( and i mean minimal) graphic
enhancement on the ps3.

@onewindangel: look at my profile
psn:blackvenumb ( add me if you like and il prove that its me)
and yes gears did lag alooot ... when i used to have that crappy connection. Once you get a good connection host advantage isnt that much, really.

wil4hire4059d ago

I doubt you have a ps3 in the first place, when would it ever have been a question which system you are buying the game for :|

the ps3 supports kb&mouse.


onewinedangel4059d ago

as far as i can see u have never play in psn .while in psn u have no lag due to the dedicated servers in live u lag like $hit i remember all that host adv in gears and now the lag in halo is unbelievable and it looks crappier than COD4 so what can u expect from a 18 multiplayer game only more lag so dont be stupid and just accept the truth ps3 is supior and that it instead of trying to give stupid excuses and comparisons

Snukadaman4059d ago

Only the big hitters have dedicated servers...otherwise its P2P like xbl..and wil4hire...this game doesnt support Kb and M so more fUI there...finally a game that shows ps3's good graphics...but like someone said allready..I will take great multiplayer over graphics anyday...the comparison videos are a day away...

NewZealander4059d ago

keep telling yourself that

ps3 has better graphics?...from what ive played on ps3 games usually have poor framerate bad textures and colour not to mention countless reviews saying lighting and AI arnt as good as what you would find on 360

blame the ps3's [email protected] ram

Kaneda4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Gave Xbox 360 COD 4 - 8.7

and PS3 - 9.2

:) J/K

rubarb234059d ago

that also states the graphics are better on the ps3 than on the 360? the fact that 2 different people reviewed the same game might something to do with it. oh well, at least ps3 owerns finally get something to 'cheer'about? although i ask again, is there another site that agress the ps3's graphics are better than on the 360?
you can also look at it this way, 360 owners paid approx. $200.00 less to play the same game which looks the same and has superior online on the 360.
as far as any remarks in regards to the $200.00 goes, i'm referring to people who purchased the ps3 prior to all their desperate price drops.

mark094059d ago

do you think they were oblivious to one anothers reviews?

Seeing as they rated sound and concept the same and gameplay slightly better on ps3 because of sixaxis, im pretty sure the graphics were rated higher for a reason as well (as well as the multiplayer slightly lower on the ps3).
They most likely agreed upon the scores and compared the two versions.
I mean if one version turned out to be a 8.7 and the other a 9.5 would that make any sence at all, coming from the same reviewer source? With 2 almost identical games...

2Negativecool4059d ago

I'm so god damn tired of posted stories posted explicitly for the purposes of hits. Fanboy wars = hits.

Call of Duty 4 will be the same for both consoles.
It is a pretty good front runner for game of the year, and it is on both PS3 and 360.
WTF is wrong with that?
Anyone below me b1tching about reviewers, PS3, or 360 is a f***ing sheep. You should all just be excited to play this game.

Besides, everyone knows the PC version of everything is better:P

Danja4059d ago

Well we all knew that the 360 version was inferior and they gave the edge in MP to the 360 cuz they didn't want to make it that obvious that the game is inferior in all categories...

PS3 for the win...

I like my online games LAG FREE thank you...ohh and it's free..!!

Agent VX4059d ago

What a bunch of tards.........2 different reviewers posted 2 different scores.

LOL, we all know the 360 version not only runs better, but looks better with better online. Childish sony fanboys are soooo silly!

AngryTypingGuy4059d ago

Yes, if two different people reviewed them, then take it with a grain of salt. It's ONLY ONE review. One version doesn't become automatically better from one review. I'm anxious to see what GameSpot and other websites say, and what their percentages will be at gamerankings and metacritic. Probably pretty close either way.

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TheExecutive4059d ago

hair splitting is all this is. Both versions are going to look and play fantastic. But flame on if it makes you feel better.

celticlonewolf4059d ago

A 0.2 diff wonder why they botherd with that? Kind of funny though if you read what they wrote by the scores you's think the 360 had the edge(NOT SAYING IT DOES) just the way they write it lol.

Jack Bauer4059d ago

Different People reviewed them...

TheSadTruth4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

don't worry, I'm sure when a real comparison is made and the xbox 360 version is deemed better (it isn't in this case as they were reviewed by two different people like you said).. the PS3 fans will suddenly be gone and have nothing to say.. just like EVERY multiplatform game

pooh11254059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

>I'm sure when a real comparison is made and the xbox 360 version is deemed better

yeah,i'm pretty sure too.just as the other games......
remember ps fanboys said in n4g "these games are better on ps3,those games too....." with bullshit screenshot comparisions or something
and 99.9% of the games were better on 360 after all.

no offence but i wonder if the IQ average of ps fanboys is lower than that of xbox fanboys.

the gamerzone review ......the reviewers are not the same people.
nothing more.
not only the garaphic scores but gameplay ,or difficulty scores are differnt.
this is not worth arguing.

pooh11254058d ago

the same people gave the same review and the same scores while only ps3 version 'S review was written by a different people,right.

if the game looked better on ps3 version from GZ reviews,the ps3 version would also look better than PC version.
but that's impossible,mates.