IGN - Resistance 3 Early Single-Player Video Preview

IGN: The humans were safe in Haven, Oklahoma. Key word: were. A Chimeran death squad has found these survivors' whereabouts, and now there's only one option. It’s time to fight.

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silkrevolver2711d ago

...HUGE graphical improvement from early footage. This looks great.
The best part? I’ll be getting it with my Playstation 3D TV in September!

Lifendz2711d ago

One of my favorite new IPs of this generation. The graphics look MUCH improved, although I never really got into Resistance for the graphics. Looking forward to see how they wrap the series up.

TheDivine2711d ago

Man id advise people who are going to buy the ps3 3d tv shop around. Its 24 inches man, i found a 42 inch 3d tv for 100 dollars more, dont be cheap go for bigger. Anyways games looking good. I like resistance for the co-op, hella fun. The mulyiplayer looks way better imo.

Cerberus292711d ago

Yeah I saw a 42" 3d for around $660 at walmart the other day. That 24" from Sony is just so expensive because its a Sony tv, and like all their tvs you're paying a couple hundred $'s more just for the Sony name on the front. Don't get me wrong I love my ps3, but Sony's tvs are waaaay overpriced.

dragonyght2711d ago

its about time R3 start making some noise

Mr Tretton2711d ago

Looks way better than R2

Mr Tretton2711d ago

units, you are one sad troll, get a life.

nightmarex1212711d ago

This game so underrated i enjoy the resistance series so cant wait.

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