“360 games on PC” rumours disguise Microsoft’s real plans for Xbox Live

BeefJack: "The rumour that Windows 8 will support playing Xbox 360 games on PC isn’t just a case of journalists putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5 – it’s also clouding the real reasons why Microsoft are integrating Xbox Live into their new OS, and what that means for Live’s future – and it’s nothing to do with Halo or Gears of War."

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Emilio_Estevez2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Article makes almost too much sense. Good read.
That last sentence made something inside me die a little bit. Less gears of war and more angry birds.

BeastlyRig2563d ago

Soo in other words no reason to be excited? :(

Steam win again!

palaeomerus2562d ago

Steam may not be winning as much as you think,

EA just bought Popcap games and and a hell of a lot of Pop Cap's games are big sellers on Steam, and EA has been pulling stuff off of steam (like Crysis 2, and the upcoming Old Republic MMO) and putting it on their new Origin online store.

gcolley2562d ago

soo in other words what you are saying is you believed the BS headlines this week? use your brain much in life, or do you rely on the media to tell you what to think?

Inside_out2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

All of that would make sense EXCEPT the 8.5 billion dollar acquisition of Skype. PC is front and center again my boy and the recent Facebook/M$ unholy alliance should of told you that.

What about the recent deal with$ is on the attack and the targets are shareholder dollars, Goggle and Apple...with a dash of world domination and crazy Stevey B dancing around Redmond at the expense of the dumb dumbs that tried and shut good ole M$ out. :D

When Skype said they would not support M$ windows 7...things became personal. M$ is on the hunt my friend so don't blink...the alliances are being made and all out warfare is about to take place.

Choose your poison...this a game for the big boys and MASSIVE dollars.

BumpFrankie2563d ago

I just feel sorry for all those kids who really thought this was going to happen. I remember 3 years ago the same rumors were being thrown around for Windows 7.

Good article.

Omega Zues2562d ago

Its no secret that Microsoft has been wanting to improve the gaming department for their OS and ever since Windows 8 had its first leaked pics, every one noticed at how there was an app section and store. So its clear MS is trying to touch every market. MS also has xbox live enabled in various ways on their Zune and Windows 7 mobile devices.

Just how far MS plans to go with this is any one guess.

il-mouzer2562d ago

it was kind of obvious that this was just a rumour and nothing more, I do expect microsoft to improve upon cross-platform play though.

As for me, I won't be using stores or whatever, I have my credits cards on enough services, why should I put my cash to a bigger risk when there are already several good online stores I use?