Sonic Generations Special Edition gets Xbox 360 exclusive Avatar treats

OXM writes: A Sonic Generations: Special Edition for Xbox 360 has popped on GAME, featuring a "super-transformation&quo t; Avatar costume exclusive to the platform.

There's a dashboard theme too, and an "iconic mini-game" from Sonic 2's Casino Night Zone. We presume they're talking about the bits where you bounce around the inside of a giant pinball table.

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MrSpace2628d ago

I thought this game would of been packaged with a a special Sonic 25th Anniversary Collectors edition

SonicTheHedgehog2627d ago

25th? This is only his 20th Anniversary. I loved the demo and I can not wait to get my copy in my hands this year. :) Sonic for ever.

MrSpace2627d ago

So it is...

I keep getting confused with the Mario All Stars 25th Anniversary

RockmanII72628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

That's weird, Gamestop is giving you all those things free when you preorder the game (Theme, Avatar Outfit, Casino Themed Pinball). The only thing exclusive to Xbox is the Avatar outfit, PS3 preorders still get a theme and the Casino Night Zone Pinball level.

JellyJelly2627d ago

I didn't like the demo. They managed to butcher the controls that were spot on in the original.

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