Joystiq Resistance 3 preview: Hurry down doomsday

This is not a safe game. Resistance 3 is swinging for the fences, pulling no punches and all those other cliches that boil down to "Insomniac is making the Resistance game that justifies the existence of Resistance games."

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Holeran2559d ago

Can't wait. It sounds like they have gone back to thier original formula of dread and despair that made Resistance 1 special. Day 1 (already paid for).

SoapShoes2559d ago

It sounds to me like they took the best of R1 and R2 and further improved upon it. :) I am excited for this game.

HowarthsNJ2559d ago

All the "core changes" he's talking about were in RFOM.


7.5 - 8.0 average rating gamepot lol

Tikicobra2559d ago

Why was this guy so against playing this game? He seems to have treated it like some obscure budget shovelware game.

Pintheshadows2559d ago

I was wondering that, but the fact it swayed him so much is very positive.