Uncharted 3: Unused Ideas Could Appear In Next Game

NowGamer - Naughty Dog has discussed what happens to surplus ideas for the Uncharted series.

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Abash2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Save the ideas for Uncharted PS4, make a new Jak and Daxter on PS3 next Naughty Dog, please!

Christopher2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

This is normal.

But, I think after U3, I'd like to see Naughty Dog try for for a new IP.

RedDead2559d ago

New Ip next Naughty dog please.

wenaldy2559d ago

Dont you all get it??? It's UNKARTED people..!!!

Convas2559d ago

I would kill for UnKarted: Team Racing, as long as it was a throwback to the CTR days.

Ahhh, how I miss Crash Team Racing ...

MrSpace2559d ago

I hope they don't get too focused with the online with each game. I'd rather have a longer single player mode then adding a ton more stuff to the online, where theres enough content already.

At least they improve Hardcore mode for the U2 Veterans, I want Hardcore Plunder, Hunter, Objective and especialy how in Elimination people would go for the RPG or Grenade Launcer and the match was over straight away 9 times out of 10, imagine what it's going to be like with all the new stuff like Kickbacks, better boosters, weapon mods etc....the whole point of Elimination is to guess where the person is and feel that tension while pllaying...not for someone to know where you are because of "Come ge some" booster or a SA type weapon mod.

Focker4202559d ago

Next game??

I like the sound of that

FAGOL2559d ago

I think they said this already in a interview before. But I like that they're thinking of continuing the series. Would be nice to have a different game before that though.

ginsunuva2559d ago

Next one has to be a next gen game and it should probably be the last. It would be kinds weird if Drake goes on more than 5 or 6 adventures already. ND needs to go all out on the last one.

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