GameSpot gives 2/10 to Wii's Samurai Ghost

Samurai Ghost for Wii Review

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MK_Red4061d ago

The game doesn't look that bad, specially considering some of the worst VC games that GameSpot gave a better score to them. This one is probably somehow related to Sony so GameSpot had to give it a little lower than usual. 4/10 would have been more acceptable.

DeckUKold4061d ago

why do nintendo release trash games?

eclipsegryph4061d ago

Care to paint your brush strokes any broader, mate?

ShadoWulf4061d ago

The dumbest thing about this article is that it tried to make it seem like an actual Wii game got a 2. "Gamespot gives 2/10 to Wii's Samurai Ghost". Sounds like a new game for the Wii called Samurai Ghost got a 2, not a VC game

kspraydad4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

This should have specified that this was a VC title of a TurboGrafx 16 game that is 15 years old.

Shaka2K64061d ago

LMAO, and whats the price for this rip-off roms?
i dont like piracy or people that do that but just to stick it to nintendo which i been hating now.

PC emulation already does all that and for free.
screw you nintendo.

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