Capcom wants you to join Fight Club

IncGamers: Publisher to showcase its fighting games at events around the UK, includes future releases.

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MrSpace2708d ago

Ok but only if you include this guy as a character

bebojet2708d ago

That's a DLC character for $4.99.

showtimefolks2708d ago

make some games that are actually above average

Dead rising has been doing the same thing since 1sst and now we are on 3rd this 72hrs bullshit needs to stop

lost planet 2 you all fucked up the sequel

you keep releasing locked dlc on disk or locked saved files whatever happend to capcom last gen that took some risks and made some great games?

magaman x

give us these two on psn and not for 40 bucks

whydoyouask2708d ago

First rule of Fight Club: Don't talk about Fight Club.

Second rule of Fight Club: DON'T talk about Fight Club.

what don't they get about this?

DankJemo2708d ago

Won't that be rather difficult... You know, since we aren't really supposed to talk about Fight Club?