Metal Sonic Heading to Sonic Generations

Sega have released an image of Metal Sonic via their Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page as he is set to feature in Sonic Generations.

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zeal0us2348d ago

wish they would hurry and put SA2 on xbl/psn already, minus that this is good news.

Kee2348d ago

As a boss? Or a playable character?

lizard812882348d ago

He was leaked as a boss, when the demo was ripped.

MrSpace2348d ago

More like Midget Metal Sonic

lizard812882348d ago

lol, i can't believe Silver is a Boss, let alone, in this game.

Quagmire2347d ago

Wtf? Why is he in this game? He's like one of the newest sonic characters

Redempteur2348d ago

it's always a pleasure to beat metal sonic

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