Media Create hardware sales (7/4 - 7/10)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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Misterhbk2632d ago

No surprises here. PSP back on top in Japan, 3DS and PS3 right behind it.

longcat2631d ago

In the portable crazy land that is Japan, nintendo has got to be a little worried

Misterhbk2631d ago

Who said anything about Japan equaling the world? I just said that this is pretty usual for Japan.

Everyone, myself included knows for a FACT that japan does NOT equal the world lol, not even close.

TBM2631d ago

just the same that america=/= the world.

Darth Stewie2631d ago

Damn PS3 is becoming the #1 console in Japan and good sales for the two handhelds(PSP & 3DS).

Ddouble2631d ago

PS3 and PSP doing well

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